How much is your wine worth? Learn from the Baghera Wines experts

Wine production occupies 15% of France’s agricultural production, one of the world’s biggest wine consumers. Baghera Wines, knowing the impact of wine agriculture on the economy, is a consulting agency specializing in enology and fine wine auctions. Here are some tips learned from the Baghera Wines’ experts on determining the value of a wine bottle.

How much is your wine worth? Learn from the Baghera Wines experts 1

The origin of the wine

When launching wine, you must consider some points such as the market timing, the storage, the provenance, and the terroir. Those factors will determine how much your wine is worth.

Producers and terroirs must have a good reputation to get the premium price. During auctions, some great vintages might be sold more expensive than premium wines’ price. On the other hand, some premier cru wines can be sold for three times the village wines’ price. Price is just as important as the terroir and vineyard, so they must be paid close attention to.

Launching the product

Most of the time, sellers face problems while launching their product on the market, but if you want to sell your wine at its best price, you must choose your production carefully. But how to select the display? There are so many details when it comes to determining a good wine. Do not judge at first sight; choose the right output from its roots before purchasing.

The conditions of wine

Another factor in getting the premium price is how you store your wine before selling it. There are many ways to keep wine, but the most important is avoiding high temperatures. This latter should not go beyond 13 degrees. Therefore, you should keep the wine in a cool place.

As always said, the longer the wine is in the cellar, the better it tastes. The maturity of wine plays an important role in its cost. Connoisseurs, wine lovers, or actors in the wine market grant importance to the wine ages, which is why fine wine is worth the best price.

You will have the chance to learn more about wine by attending the events organized by Baghera Wines. For wine lovers, do not miss the must-see historical wine auction held by Baghera Wines, held in Geneva on the 17th of June. You can witness and perhaps participate in the exclusive sale of Henri Jayer’s last bottles from his cellar.

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