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How Did Michael Jackson Die? Facts and Secrets about Michael Jackson’s Death

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly the most popular and the most successful pop music artist in the world. As a result, the death of him resulted in an explosion of rumors. Some people still have doubts about the death of this popular celebrity. Therefore, you might want deep to get a clear understanding of the celebrity’s death. Then you will be able to get rid of all the doubts and understand the true reason behind Michael Jackson’s death.

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The real reason behind the death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died on the 25th of June. The death was announced at 2:26 pm local time. The place of death was UCLA hospital, located in Los Angeles –all are sourced from Dead or Kicking. Before admitting to the hospital, he has collapsed at home, located in the hills of Los Angeles. When the paramedics got to know that Michael Jackson has collapsed, they rushed to the mansion. The initial call to the paramedics came at 12:22 pm. It was one of the employees working at the mansion of Michael Jackson who called the paramedics. Usually, there is a personal doctor inside the mansion at all times. Unfortunately, the personal doctor was not present at the time where Michael Jackson collapsed. As a result, it took some time for him to get the emergency treatments needed.

The usage of drugs

After Michael Jackson’s death, we were able to see a lot of news articles popping up about it. In one article, it was said that Michael Jackson had an addiction to painkillers. In fact, an employee of Michael Jackson has said that he has been addicted to painkillers for a period of around 20 years. Due to this reason, specialist drug enforcement agents were asked to come into the scene and investigate more about it. This fact was later proven true.

Michael Jackson has been addicted to prescription medication since 2005. This happened when he was acquitted on charges of molesting a child during that time. This painkiller was named Demerol, and he has used syringes to inject that into his body. The same prescription drug was found in his home under a variety of brand names as well. Even some of Michael Jackson’s friends, including Uri Geller, gave evidence to highlight that Michael Jackson was used to his painkiller for a long time. Also, a nurse employed by the celebrity gave evidence. As per the nurse, Michael Jackson has found it difficult to go to sleep without this drug. As a result, he has had the habit of injecting the painkiller before he goes to sleep. It was also identified that Michael Jackson went ahead and injected a Demerol shot just an hour before he was collapsed inside his mansion.

The personal doctor of Michael Jackson at the time of his death was Conrad Murray. This doctor was from Houston, Texas. Even though he was not present in Michael Jackson’s mansion when the celebrity collapsed, he rushed into the scene within a short period of time. However, he left the mansion as soon as the paramedics arrived. This is something unusual, and a lot of people got suspicious thoughts as a result of it. However, he later came forward and gave evidence, which helped make him corporate with the police officers. It was later revealed that the doctor has once tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson on the bed. This was proven from one of the transcripts that were located at the mansion. He also knew about the painkiller addiction of Michael Jackson, but he didn’t take appropriate steps to keep the celebrity away from it. Therefore, a lot of fans started blaming Conrad Murray. This can also be considered one of the main reasons he left the scene as soon as the paramedics arrived.

The series of concerts in London

In July, Michael Jackson was planning to attend a concert series in London. Some people say that there is a strong connection between Michael Jackson’s death and this concert series as well. In fact, Michael Jackson was supposed to perform in 50 different concerts in the region. This brought a lot of stress into the life. At the time of planning, Michael Jackson was only supposed to perform in 10 different concerts. However, the financial difficulties that the celebrity had to face during that time tempted him to go ahead and increase the number of concerts up to 50. This made him feel overwhelmed. As a result, he used to increase the number of painkiller shots that he took per day. Therefore, it can also be considered as a major reason behind the death of the celebrity.

The assets

The finances of Michael Jackson are similar to a tangled web. Therefore, it will take a considerable period of time for his assets to be distributed among the people who inherit them. Also, the family members of Michael Jackson will have to spend a considerable amount of money on the lawyer fees as well.

It is also identified that Michael Jackson was in debt. He left around $500 million in debts at the time of death. However, if the debts are compared with the assets, it would go high as $1 billion. Certainly, the celebrity has been suffering from the pressure that came out from the debts as well. It is possible to conclude that he took more painkiller shots with the pressure that came out from it. However, 40% of the remains would be given to the mother of Michael Jackson¸, whereas another 40% will be given to children. The remaining 20% of assets would be given to charity.

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