3 Lesser Known Reasons for Stress that Might be Taking a Toll on Your Heart & Longevity

We get so busy with life as it comes, that often, we overlook the only wealth we really have- Our health. Urban lifestyle often revolves around creature comforts and the race is all about acquiring most of them. In the process, we develop a ‘coping’ lifestyle that compromises with our well-being & longevity in general. Life in metropolitan cities is taking a toll on our mind, body & soul. Long working hours, poor work-life balance, rising cost of living, no recreation time, unhealthy food, lack of physical activity, pollution are just some of the reasons behind increasing stress & anxiety amongst individuals.

While your heart can have the health insurance term plan like Aviva’s HeartCare, it is better to prevent the unforeseen health risks altogether.

So, to generate awareness, we have compiled a list of 3 lesser known reasons for stress that might be taxing your heart & general well-being.

Let us get started!


A few years back, nobody would have believed that a person could be suffering from something called the ‘Mental Burnout.’ Yes, it is an actual mental & physical condition and is much more damaging than stress & anxiety. Mental Burnout occurs after exposure to prolonged period of chronic stress. Chronic stress can have various underlying reasons. For instance, being stuck in a highly-demanding job, feeling unfulfilled in relationships, pushing towards your personal targets with too much energy constantly, different crisis situations, etc. can lead to chronic stress.

If stress is left untreated, it turns into Burnout.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is the constant feeling of physical, mental & emotional exhaustion whereby a personal constantly lives in a state of ‘anhedonia.’ Anhedonia means the inability to feel happiness, excitement or positive. Not only burnout takes away all the motivation from a person, it negatively affects their relations, career, & personal well-being.

More importantly, if mental burnout is not diagnosed and left untreated for a long time, it can weaken the heart muscles. For instance, studies have found that Burnout resulting from job can seriously compromise a person’s heart-health.

It is crucial that you identify this mental-physical health condition and stay clear of it with a good work-life balance and focusing on things that are truly important to you.

Social Isolation & Loneliness

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that major metropolitan cities are infested with social isolation and loneliness. This is especially true for the older adults and senior citizens. What social isolation has got to do with heart-health, you may ask. Well, EuroHeartCare 2018 released similar findings in its recent study. The study emphasized that social isolation and loneliness are very bad factors for a person’s heart health. Not only isolation can lead to severe heart-related conditions in the future, it is also linked to a weaker immune system.

If you really want to do your heart a favour and bet on longer living years, become socially active and stay close to your loved ones. Make it a habit to go out with your family members, siblings, best friends, and office colleagues. You will be literally doing yourself a big favour!

Fear & Uncertainty

While no two individuals are alike, their perceptions and attitude can be categorized under a single column. Fear & uncertainty are certainly based on perception, attitude & psychological make-up of a person. However, many people find themselves drowning in the pool of stress due to fear & uncertainty of the nature of life. For instance, a person might find himself in stress thinking about a hypothetical (but likely) medical condition that can befall him in future. The reason behind this thought-process is the uncertainty that arises from the realization of being ‘unsecure’ or having no possible way-out if such situation arises. Though, if a person gets health insurance and life cover, his stress-level will plummet dramatically.

Similarly, the environment we surround ourselves with plays a crucial role in shaping our outlook towards life. This includes people, nature of our work, proximity to friends & family, risk in our daily lives, exposure to media, education, and so on. The more positive our surroundings are, lesser are the chances of uncertainty & negativity-induced stress seeping into our minds. The bottom line is to remove the fear from within because it induces stress which is bad for heart. For uncertainties, you can always hedge your risk with smart decisions.

In an ideal world, stress would never have existed and we’d all be destines to live for hundreds of years. Since this is real-life, keeping the above factors at bay from your life will help you keep your heart healthy and jolly for a long life! For any unforeseen risk which is out of your control, Aviva Health Plans have got your back.



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