Getting your Record Expungement

Record Expungement means getting your previous criminal or arrest record disappearing.

It will make your record disappear from any public criminal record-finding websites, and you will then be able to say no whenever asked if you were being charged with some criminal case.

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Why get your record Expunged?

If you have a criminal record, you know how difficult it is to move on from it. You do not get any job in any good company, you do not get admitted to any good college, and at times, the landlords refuse to rent you out a space to live.

Life that way can be tough if someone still keeps thinking that you are a criminal and isn’t ready to accept that you have now changed.

In some cases, you get rejected and can not even apply for a job or admission to a college if you have a criminal record in your name.

Sealed Record vs. Expunged Record

Sealed records are not accessible by the public, but some other agencies, like the government, can still access them. Still, in Expunged Records, all of your previous criminal records disappear, and then you’re a free man who can start his life fresh again.

Pardons vs. Expunged Record

Pardons do not clear your criminal history; however, they start stating that you’ve been forgiven for the crime you had been charged for, but they still keep appearing in your criminal record.

A judge does not hold the authority to pardon anyone; for this, you have to turn to state secretaries, governors, attorney generals, and sometimes even the president.

Actual Innocence Certificate

An actual Innocence certificate is issued to someone charged with some crime, but they are found non-guilty.

It doesn’t remove it from your record, yet this certificate proves your innocence, how you were charged with something wrong, and how your criminal history should have always been clean.


To qualify for an expungement, the first thing you notice is your age at the time of the crime. The courts are a bit linear with the weapons, but it could be a serious problem if you were an adult.

The next thing that is noticed is whether it was a big or small crime.

For example, if it was some drug issue, you might get the expungement easily by following all the court’s orders and getting rid of that drug addiction. But if it was a big crime like a weapons case or something, there are very few chances of getting an expungement.

The current Criminal Record matters a lot, too. If it was your first crime and you have already gone through the punishment like jail and the fine, there is a big chance you might get the expungement, but if you have multiple crimes on your record, then it is very difficult or even impossible to get one.

Record Expungement Attorneys

Record Expungement attorneys handle your cases and present them in court so you can be a free man again and choose the right path for you this time.

Some experienced lawyers work hard to give you a new start so you don’t have to be embarrassed about your criminal history again.

It can often create a pretty embarrassing situation for people with criminal records in different job interviews, relatives, or when you go for some other official work as you have already been punished for that crime. Still, people just won’t let it go.

These attorneys take the case and present iit in court for you and make solid points showing and proving that you’re different and deserve a fresh chance to move on with your life without any criminal record and never return to the crimes again.

Different Attorneys are offering these services, and it is imperative to choose the right ones as this is your only chance to give yourself a fresh opportunity. You can’t afford to mess it up, or else you will have to forever live with that criminal record, which will keep spoiling your image and reputation.

The best Expungement attorneys in California are:

The law offices of TY Anis

This is an agency that supplies attorneys for expungement claims. The main attorney of this agency is:

Ty Anis

Ty Anis graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Political Science and then did his J.D. from Tulane University.

He is an experienced attorney who has confidence in himself and has worked in many agencies before in many different cases.

He now has good contact with other attorneys and the judges, and being close to the judge personally or professionally is always favorable in the case.

He studies your case thoroughly, and by keeping all the consequences in mind, he then proceeds and applies for the expungement for his clients.

A criminal record does not spoil your reputation, bt it doess many problems in immigration. No one wants some criminal in their state or country, and with a criminal record, you will have a lot of difficulties in different tasks in your life.

After more than a decade of practice, he has now won many awards and got the expungement for many of his clients.

He is a member of the Central District of California Federal Bar and California State Bar. He believes in the best for his clients, and their trust in him guides him and gives him the courage to perform even better in court.


You can visit them any time, benefit from their free consultation, and get your life turned around.

1500 Rosecrans Ave
Step 500
Manhattan Beach, CA

Sevens Legal, APC

It is an agency that supplies professional attorneys to work for you no matter the case you were charged with; they strive their best to get you the expungement.

Their leading attorney is:

Samantha Greene

Attorney Samantha is a passionate woman who has over a decade now and has represented many of her past clients in defense cases. She is well recognized in California as a criminal specialist due to her over-the-top abilities to defend her clients and help them.

She protects their integrity and helps them in difficult times with all her heart, making her so special in this work. She has now won a large number of cases and helped them.

She received her J.D. degree from the University Of San Diego School Of Law. She began her career as a criminal attorney. She practiced law for over a decade and was known as the best criminal defense lawyer in 2012.

Samantha started practicing privately in 2011, and she changed many people’s lives and took the law business by a change. She knows how a criminal’s family can be affected and doesn’t only work for the criminal’s wellness but also his family. They can affect emotionally, mentally, financially, and in many other social ways.

While fighting for a person in court doesn’t only mean fighting for one life, but for family, friends, and everyone who cares for them, it is a great responsibility that she handles well every time she steps in the courtroom.

She communicates well with her clients, gets an idea of the whole situation, and prepares best for any situation that might arise so she can not be surprised at any moment.


You can visit them anytime.

Record Expungement Attorney

They are an agency mainly focused on expungement, as the name suggests. Even though you fall under the categories of the people who can receive the expungements, it is still tough to get one, and the person needs to present solid statements that can not be prepared on their own, and they need the help of an attorney there.

Negin Yamini is their lead attorney who handles most of their matters. She got her degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and was awarded different awards for her academic excellence.

She completed her law studies at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where she was awarded awards for her performances.

Nigen Yamini was always passionate about her work and worked hard to achieve what she has today. This was her main interest in working and serving those who are not criminals and are being falsely accused of some case charges or those who have suffered a lot and now want to live their lives like normal people.

She then gained experience in many fields for decades, and now she is a professional whom you can trust with your expungement cases and wouldn’t regret.


  • “Record Expungement Attorney
  • 473 E Carnegie Dr #200
  • San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • 909-965-4033”

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