3 Fun-filled Get-Togethers for a Weekend with Friends

It is a struggle to maintain friendships when you live in different parts of the city or have clashing schedules. Even with low-maintenance relationships, ones that re-spark after a cup of coffee or dinner, you need to have a moment to catch up and allow that to happen.


You can try to make it a point to meet up with your friends at least once yearly. Planning it out may not seem so fun and exciting, but it’s that prep work that allows you to do and experience more. Here are suggestions for your next meet-up with friends:

1. Explore a new city

Your friends could have been your group from high school or university. Your friends could be people you met at your previous job or workshop class. They can come from different stages of your life, and after too many café or pub crawls, you could be looking for another exciting experience. Exploring a new city should be at the top of your list.

It can be as simple as touring a city in your country that you have never been to before as a group. There are always local delicacies that you would not appreciate as much if you tried them back home. Meeting up in a different city can also make it easier for those who have moved away. It is a neutral area for you to bond.

If you are looking for something bigger, you can go abroad. When you are in a foreign city, a week is only scratching the surface. You can go about it two ways: leisurely go about the town or try to hit as many spots in the country/region as you can. The first option allows you to see more of the area and take the time to talk. The second focuses on creating shared experiences. Both have their benefits.

2. Meet up at your home base

If you aren’t the type to travel or splurge, you can take the nostalgic route. Go back to where you guys first met and re-live the glory days. Play at an old tennis court you used to frequent. Go to a game to cheer for the team you and your friends support. Eat and drink at your old watering hole.

This route is best if you haven’t met up and feel unsure about reintegrating into each other’s lives. While friendships can be low maintenance, you have to gauge if they feel the same way. Reminiscing is an excellent way to start; it helps you remember why you became friends in the first place. You can then transition to talking about events that happened in between and plans for the future.

3. Spend a weekend inside

A more relaxed and casual get-together is a house party in the loosest sense. Find large houses to rent for weekends and take the time to hang out. You can cook brunches, play board games, drink wine, and eat cheese. This option is excellent for those who have friends coming into town from another country or those who have a big group. The benefits of this setup are that your interests drive the activities. Musicians can jam. Film buffs can have a movie marathon.

Switch it up this year! And revive those relationships.

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