Fruit undertaking tour featured at Carrington REC Field Day

Visitors could see opportunity fruit that grows well in North Dakota.

The Northern Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project will be the focal point of one of all four excursions provided during the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center’s 60th annual discipline day set for July 16.

All discipline day activities begin at nine a.m. With a welcome from center director Blaine Schatz. Tours will start at 9:30 a.m. And 1 p.m. Lunch might be served at midday. No pre-registration is needed.

Fruit undertaking tour featured at Carrington REC Field Day 1

The Northern Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project area excursion starts at nine:30 a.M. Kathy Wiederholt, Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) fruit task supervisor, will lead the middle’s fruit orchard tour.

The Northern Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project was hooked up in 2006 to introduce and exhibit alternative, economically possible fruits to develop in North Dakota. The undertaking functions black currant and Juneberry variety trials and demonstration plantings of University of Saskatchewan cherries and haskaps; apples; Aronia; pink and black currants; grapes; honeyberries; and plums.

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