Choose Sleep Over Healthy Food if You Must

Payne Glasses has published countless studies about the importance of getting enough sleep. Their on-demand technology of blue blocker sunglasses allows individuals to sleep better at night if strictly worn on their computers and cell phones throughout the day. That wretched screen time paired with a lack of exercise can harm one’s body, and eating right can help relieve insatiable pain in the nervous system. If you’re like me and often wake up an hour before your alarm clock goes on or have been undergoing bad nightmares that have caused you to wake up once or twice during the night, then you need a more extreme understanding of why sleep is one of the main pillars of medicine.

3 Non-BS Sleep Tips for Entrepreneurs

You need water and food to survive, the same way you need quality sleep to live a fruitful life. When deciding between sleeping more and better or eating a well-balanced diet, it was found that sleeping has the upper hand because a restful night allows us to make better food decisions. Some people will think that the weak need sleep since it is technically true that we sleep more than one-third of our lives away. However, to live two-thirds of our wakeful life to the best of our ability, we need this sleep to rejuvenate our bodily organs and tissues.

If you don’t get enough sleep over a longer period, you may undergo long-term memory issues or other medical issues such as increased blood pressure and extreme fatness. In North American society, white-collar workers often forgo eating away from their desks as they may miss an important business advancement if their eyes are not attached to their e-mails and stock updates every second they get. From the moment the stock market opens and closes on Wall Street, the room becomes a havoc-filled animal farm where everyone forgets that they sometimes need a pause to perform better. Some companies are introducing blue blocker sunglasses into their culture so that people can walk outside during their “lunch break” and check up on their e-mail updates (those that need instant responses) without the constraints of ill-eye twitching.

Do yourself a favor by stabilizing your overall mood (you’ll come to notice the blooming flowers more often and the smile on that child’s face that you’ve passed by in the mall) and extending your lifetime by putting on a pair of blue blocker sunglasses once in a while so that you can receive that improved sleep—the kind you truly deserve to have, sleeping beauty!

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