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Camping in the Fall: A Guide For Outdoors Lovers

When you think of camping, are your thoughts immediately drawn to the summer months? That’s a fairly reasonable assumption, and it’s one that many would have understandably shared, too. After all, most of the population prefers summertime for camping in the woods, especially since the weather tends to be more pleasant and sunny during this time of the year. 

On the other hand, when we think about the autumn months, we generally think of pumpkins, beautiful leaves falling, and upcoming brisk cold weather. Nevertheless, a surprisingly large portion of outdoor enthusiasts, RVers, and glampers still enjoy camping in the cool autumn night air, as opposed to (or in addition to!) summertime camping.

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The Pros of Fall Camping

If you’re wondering what the benefits of fall camping are, there are several of note. For starters, outdoor enthusiasts find the campgrounds less cramped after the Labor Day crowd goes home, so you’ll have more room to spread out. It’s also pleasantly cool at night, with fewer stinging and biting bugs to contend with (more later). 

Because of this, many people will agree that autumn is a wonderful outdoor season. Sure, there may be a bit of a bite in the air, but the tradeoff is more than worth it when you see the fall foliage. What’s better than pitching your tent among a rainbow of reds, oranges, and yellows? The serenity of your campsite and the beautiful weather make it more than a fair compromise.

The Downsides of Fall Camping

That said, fall camping isn’t always going to be great. There are a few downsides to it, too. Take, for example, the promise of less crowding. While it is generally less crowded this time of year, this also means fewer park options and amenities offered – and let’s not forget that with the key season being over, many prices will go up. 

Another negative is, particularly in the more northern regions, the weather. It’s going to be cold, it’s going to get rainy, and if you’re coastal, there will be unpredictable storms. Yes, it will be more manageable in an RV, of course, but waking up shivering in a tent to find a muddy, rainy mess in the morning is a prospect that we doubt is attractive to anyone.

There is one more negative aspect to this that should be made known, though: the possibility of encountering ticks. Ticks, carriers of Lyme disease, do not grow dormant in the autumn and are active all year round. If you suspect you’ve been exposed and have symptoms like exhaustion, headaches, or joint discomfort after camping, get a Lyme disease test or see a doctor.

Fun Fall Camping Festivities For Families

Camping in the fall offers many opportunities for people to participate in various activities with their families. Some of the most sought-after activities are bird watching, fun regional and local activities, and fly fishing. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do during your next fall camping trip, why not give one of these a try?

Bird Watching

A Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching While Camping or Hiking - Crazy Camping Girl

Fall is a beautiful time of year to spend time outside, and this is doubly true if you’re a fan of avian life. The fall migration brings birds from all over the nation and even from other countries, making it an excellent time to see an abundance of different-winged species. During the day, you could hear unique soundscapes created by various types of sparrows, robins, or jays. 

To fully immerse yourself in the experience, you’ll need a reliable pair of binoculars and a field guide. If you plan to camp at night, you should be prepared to learn from the wise owls lurking in a neighboring tree. Birdwatching is a great activity that will broaden your appreciation for nature and allow you to spend time with your family learning about our featured flying friends.

Fun, Local Activities

8 Outdoor Fall Activities | LiveWell Frederick blog

The autumnal equinox may be commemorated with special celebrations depending on where you set up camp. You can also join a hiking club if there’s one nearby, allowing you to do as much as you want in the middle of the day without worrying about heat exhaustion. Or, you can participate in ranger-led programs and experience the area from a different, more knowledgeable point of view.

Fishing At the Rivers and Lakes

Safety Tips for Camping with Kids - Big Family Blessings

With the leaves turning golden and the temperature dropping, the fall is a great time to go fishing. More species and larger catches will be had as the water cools. ‘It’s easy to imagine how relaxing it would be to go fishing with family at a campground, then prepare and share the catch later that evening over a campfire. And since fishing is a classic camping activity, why wouldn’t you want to participate? And since fishing is a traditional camping activity, why wouldn’t you want to participate?

Awesome Activities for Solo Autumn Adventurers

Some enjoyable things you can do yourself include photography, just some good old-fashioned rest, whittling on a piece of scrap wood, and even stargazing. Some lovely things you can do yourself include photography, good old-fashioned rest, carving on scrap wood, and even stargazing. Of course, if you’re more inclined to solo activities and want to avoid groups, you may wish to partake in some alone time while camping. Let’s explore these activities a bit more.

Nature Photography

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Your camera easily pairs well with other outdoor activities, such as birdwatching and hiking, allowing you to snap a picture of a gorgeous bird or a shy squirrel. Spend time observing the surroundings to determine when and where the camera should be placed. That way, you can get that perfect picture you can share with your family back home.


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Far too often, we get so busy in the hustle and bustle of the world that we forget to wind down. It’s a perfect time to start learning something new or focusing on your hobby. Get a hammock, a book (ideally a light paperback or a fully charged e-reader), and read something you like. Feel free to revel in nature. You can also take your portable speaker with you, too, so you can listen to podcasts or your favorite music.

Get Some Whittling Experience

Indulge yourself: 10 tips for the solo adventurer - Advensure

Camping is a great opportunity to try wood whittling if you’ve always been curious about this lesser-known art form. It won’t be hard to track down a few wood scraps, especially if you’re deep in the heart of a deciduous forest. Please ensure they’re dry, so your knife glides over them smoothly, and be careful not to nic-accidentally k your hands when carving actuate-Night Stargazing.

Autumn astronomy | Best targets for long, dark nights | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

The night sky is there for you to enjoy on your own. The fact that virtually everyone may enjoy Stargazing is one of its many prominent features, and not every stargazing experience has to have a romantic backdrop. Feel free to reach for optical aids like a telescope or binoculars, but your bare eyes will reveal incredible detail, too.

What To Pack For a Fall Camping Trip

Packing is an integral part of any outdoor adventure, especially camping. Packing everything you’ll need is important, but you shouldn’t bring more than is necessary. Since the fall is the most comfortable time to go camping, you must get all the gear you’ll need, from binoculars to see the starry sky to bug spray to keep the troublesome insects away. 

Some important things that you must not forget when packing are:

  • Your sleeping gear, gloves, grooming products
  • Your binoculars and camera for capturing and experiencing nature
  • Extra bags to keep your belongings safe while traveling
  • Dry blankets and shoes, just in case yours become wet
  • Insect repellent, stove, utensils, soap, and a lighter
  • Extra cash (in case there’s an emergency)

Try Fall Camping Now!

You may find yourself eyeing winter camping next on your travel agenda! Even though the weather is growing colder in the fall, it doesn’t mean you have to put away your love for nature and inherent wanderlust. Planning can help ensure your next autumnal camping trip is relaxing, enjoyable, and refreshing. And who knows once you see how it can help recharge your battery?

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