It seems as if there is an app for everything nowadays, doesn’t it? Do you want your grocery shopping done for you? There is an app for that somewhere. Do you want to make extra cash running errands? There is an app for that too. Finding directions, looking up highly reviewed restaurants in your area, making money while you browse online…there is an app for almost everything. The most important of which are the ones that help you make money. Like HyreCar .

HyreCar: how it works

HyreCar is an app that essentially allows you to do two things:

  • You can use it to rent out your car: If you have an extra car or do not use your car that much and want to make a little extra money from it, then you can list it on HyreCar as ‘available for rent. This way people who need cars that are in good condition in your region can contact you and pay you to use your car. HyreCar takes a small cut of the agreed amount while it connects to thousands of people who are willing and ready to rent your car.
  • You can use it to try out ridesharing: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Uber driver? HyreCar gives you a chance to experience it first-hand. The platform has a list of available vehicles that you can rent for a few days while you offer rideshare services through Uber or Lyft. If you find that you are comfortable with that kind of work and like the money, then you can quickly register yourself as a rideshare driver on the platform and make extra cash giving rides around town.

The best thing about HyreCar is that there are no limiting contracts nor sign up fees. You log in, choose what you want to do and as long as you meet the requirements , you are good to go.

How much can You Expect to Make?

Exactly how much you can expect to make is difficult to pinpoint giving the fact that the figure varies depending on several factors:

  • Your location
  • How much time you put into your work
  • Your rating as a driver
  • Your customer service skills (this helps when it comes to getting tips)

There are reports that New York City uber drivers earn a little more than $90,000 a year. But that is in New York and these are full time drivers. As a part time HyreCar driver, you can easily make more than $1,000 a month.

Tips on How to make Extra Cash with HyreCar

To make any kind of meaningful income as a rideshare driver or as a person renting out your vehicle on HyreCar, you need to first start with the basics. These include:

  • Making sure that your car is in excellent condition: Consumers have very many options when it comes to hiring vehicles. If yours does not meet and exceed the expected standards, not very many people will choose it. Make sure it is clean, well serviced and maintained.
  • Make sure your rates are favorable: This will entirely depend on your location. You cannot expect the going car rental rates in New York to apply to upcountry regions such as Kentucky. Know your market and price your vehicle accordingly.

You also need to be as responsive as possible when contacted by potential customers. This applies only if you are renting out your vehicle on the platform. Think of it as the Airbnb of vehicle rentals. If you do not respond to requests, you will not get customers.

Choose your Location Wisely

If you are going to opt for the rideshare option then you need to choose your location wisely. You want to be located where there is a lot of human traffic in need of a taxi. Airports, train stations, stadiums, the mall…these are all options you should consider.

Offer your Customers Basic Human Comforts

The best Uber driver in Europe says that he got there by offering his passengers basic human comforts. These include:

  • Water
  • Over the counter painkillers if they need it
  • Good conversation when they want it and silence when they need it
  • Excellent driving
  • A clean, well-maintained car

These are the little things that make passengers want to ride with you every time they are in town. It will also make them give you an excellent rating.

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Map Your Routes out Properly

Knowing which routes to take and not to take at given times of the day will save you a lot of time that would have been wasted in traffic. Remember, the more rides you are available to give the more money you will earn.

Plan to Work at Peak Hours

Peak hours typically earn drivers surge prices that can easily double your income. The problem, however, is that these peak hours often come during the most congested or inconvenient of times. They could come during rush hour or even in the middle of the night as revelers get ready to head home. If you are willing and available for work during these times, you could make a killing.

It is all about preparation and anticipation. If you are good at what you do then you are likely going to get yourself a host of loyal customers who only want to ride with you or hire your car.