A study of how some hip-hop girls have sparked and fashioned sartorial traits whilst also making their mark in the song industry.

Welcome to Pop Culture Week! While you can constantly discover us waxing poetic approximately the hefty overlap among style and pop culture, we’re dedicating the next 5 days to the difficulty of our favorite music, films, TV, celebrities, books, and theater, and the way that all intersects with the style industry.

Female rappers taught me more than faculty ever did. Sure, that seems like a prime exaggeration, but to a volume, it is real. Their statements of reality, self-care suggestions, and ambitious, high-quality visuals gave me the courage. They confirmed how to exist in a space and a country that’s now not precisely welcoming to younger, black ladies. Besides influencing my experience of self and impacting my own coming of age, ladies in rap — in particular, those of the ’90s and early 2000s — also transformed and impacted the style internationally. Rappers names and artists like Salt-N-Pepa (along with their super fly DJ, Spinderella), Yo-Yo, Lauryn Hill, Trina and extra these days, Junglepussy, blazed trails in style and set beauty developments that are nonetheless distinguished nowadays.

In my research for this tale, I became to my own mother and pals — and there was a specific reason for that. Middle- and lower-elegance human beings of color (similar to the general public of the girls discussed in this piece) have created their very own developments for many years, and maybe even longer, so they themselves are primary sources in this slice of history.

Ahead, a look at that subculture- and style-transferring legends.


Queens, New York-born divas Salt-N-Pepa have made their mark on culture normally over since their creation inside the mid-Eighties. From an unforgettable dance routine for their 1986 hit “Push It” to their request for conversations approximately sex, the seasoned performers are well-known for their paintings as hip-hop pioneers. They additionally positioned ladies throughout the USA on to their unapologetically black, NYC hot fashion show.

In the past due 1980s, Pepa (accidentally), an all hip hop artist,  invented the asymmetrical coiffure that ultimately became a trend in the black community. In an interview with Steve Harvey, Pepa defined how a relaxer is gone terribly was the authentic cause behind the game-converting look. In the act of harmony, her organization buddies decided to every shave one facet of their heads and departed the opposite sidelong, too. The slip-up caught on, and soon enough, homegirls and aunties anywhere have been rocking the ‘do. The institution also bought bamboo rings, spandex frame fits, and 8-ball jackets at the side of them on their upward thrust to monstrous success. In current years, Beyoncé and her circle of relatives, and Nicki Minaj (any other influential Queens local) have taken cues from Salt-N-Pepa’s crucial seems, actually dressing like them for Halloween.

Marc Jacobs is also lately referred to as Salt-N-Pepa (and some other old-school rap heavyweights) for notion for his Fall 2017 “Respect” series. Oversize jackets and large-than-existence gold chains were pieced together to pay homage to the early New York rap scene.


If you’ve got ever watched the ’90s sitcom “Martin,” you’re honestly acquainted with the individual Keylolo, Sheneneh’s supportive homegirl. (And if you have not watched it, you lack out on a few exquisite throwback TV.) Keylolo becomes portrayed utilizing a younger actress and musician from the West Coast who uses the name Yo-Yo. Though she accomplished a quick rap skit along Sheneneh, her career as a lyricist went some distance beyond their empowering lower back-and-forth.

Supported with the aid of fellow Californian Ice Cube, Yo-Yo entered the game in 1990 with a function on Cube’s debut LP, “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.” Soon enough, she became making waves for her own recorded material and her first album, “Make Way for the Motherlode,” shot to the pinnacle five of Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop albums in 1991. Yo-Yo spent her time advocating for lady’s rights when she wasn’t blazing the charts or spitting verses alongside other mythical rap queens.

Don, my style-buff friend, was born in the 1980s and is a bonafide collector of throwback style. We discuss developments and their origins frequently. He crammed me in on Yo-Yo’s impact.

Her look turned into ladies’ regular steps from her generation (and location), in keeping with Don. That she maintained autonomy over her appearance and never felt the need to align herself with what the rest of the world became doing become significant – specifically because rap is infamous for being especially crucial of women. With her prolonged, blonde braids and biker shorts, Yo-Yo’s have an impact on changed into extra approximately being your self, exuding self-belief, and being at ease in something you select to step out in. It’s also hard to ignore the similarities between her unfastened, meticulously completed braids and Beyoncé’s greater current “Formation” extensions.


In addition to Lauryn Hill’s educated flows, acting profession, and obvious feel of self, there’s some other, regularly-omitted motive to celebrate her: She championed natural splendor for black ladies and did so subtly, however with effect. My mother is a true ’90s lady — she was blessed with the opportunity to spend the whole lot of her 20s at some point of the significantly expressive decade. To listen her inform it, Hill’s nod to herbal beauty crept in real easy.

Hill had been making waves for years as the only female pressure of the Afrocentric rap trio, The Fugees, so it wasn’t a good deal of a surprise when her profession skyrocketed upon the discharge of her debut solo album in 1998. While by no means one to prioritize her fashion selections over her work, Hill set tendencies regardless. By the time “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” turned into launch, her locks had been touching her shoulders; she chose lovely, but the commonly minimalist makeup looks and her outfits had been the ideal combo of horny and secure.

The idea that black human beings are gods and goddesses and lifestyles is to be lived through a no secular lens knowledgeable her Rasta-fashion cloth cabinet. Still, Hill had amused and performed with the times’ styles, choosing to include masses of denim, brown lipstick, and tank tops into her clothes for public appearances.

Today, in a period of but every other black awakening, we’re seeing the rise of younger ladies who — in their quest to hook up with their higher selves — turn to the styles Hill made well-known for the suggestion. Long but equipped attire and easy bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are many of the hints taken from her look book. Additionally, as fate might have it, Hill pretty actually gave delivery to the next generation of fashion — her daughter Selah Marley is a young model (signed to Next) who’s labored with Rag & Bone, walked in Yeezy Season four, and been shouted out by way of Vanity Fair.


Since mid-2015, I’ve observed a fashion this is surely an ode to the overdue ’90s/early-2000s rap-video models. While sneaker heels are lifeless (thank God), long, jet-black weaves, curve-hugging jersey attire, and glossy lips are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. A rap woman who contributed to the unique shaping of this aesthetic turned into Da Baddest Bitch, Trina. I trust the previous first female of Miami’s Slip-N-Slide Records’ no-nonsense messages and adoration for opulence have had a right away effect on the ghetto-fab style resurgence. I suggest, who can overlook her attractive bra and choker from her debut appearance?

While Trina’s personal fashion has changed over time, diamonds and glitter continue to be valuable to the rap tress’s cloth cabinet. Recognizing her function as a style and fashion goddess, she executed at Galore Magazine and Ed Hardy’s accumulating for New York Fashion Week remaining 12 months and showcased her skills at some stage in a fashion display in Philadelphia. All hail the Diamond Princess.


Junglepussy. The name helps you to know from the leap that you’re in for something precise, natural, and sacred — and boy, does she deliver. The Brooklyn-based emcee burst onto the scene circa 2012 with anthems like “Dream Team,” “Stitches,” and “Feeling Myself.” With cosigns from similarly stylish track legends like Erykah Badu and Lil’ Kim, Junglepussy is making her very own way and proving that “there can be multiple without duplicate.”

Her early publicized looks (which include thick, blonde cornrows and cat prints) have advanced into other defensive hairstyles and sunny styles. While she still taps into the styles that made her stand out early on, it appears as if she’s now going for a laid back (but in-your-face) style and fashion that blends early ’90s carefree kiddo and ultra-delicate celeb.

It’s no marvel that Junglepussy is so style-oriented — she as soon as labored at NYC’s Patricia Field save and studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology. The rapper motivates women to include their hair as it’s miles, permit bodies to turn out to be an artwork (she designed a number of her very own tattoos) and test with one-of-a-kind textures, colors, and moods.

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