4 Tips For Making Friends In a New City

Moving to a new city can be an exciting milestone for someone who hasn’t done it before. There are new sights to see, more things to do, and likely many more job opportunities that you didn’t have living in a smaller town.

Along with all of the excitement and opportunity that comes with living in a different place where you’ve found a new home also comes challenges. When you begin a new life and start in a place that you don’t have a history in, you can start to feel a bit like an outsider.

To get your bearings and find your comfort zone in your new environment, you should make some new friends. Not sure how to get started? Here are some of the best ways to meet people when you move to the city.

Use Public Transportation

Even though it’s more convenient to drive a car, it can often be much less efficient when you live in a city. Carpooling or riding the bus isn’t just much more economical for your pocket; it’s also a great way to start meeting people.

When you make your public transportation commute each morning and evening, you’ll likely see familiar faces and characters. Don’t be afraid to start striking up a conversation. You never know what kind of people you may be sitting next to and who they can introduce you to in your new location.


Frequent The Same Spots

When you start finding places that you enjoy, from restaurants to bars to just about anything, try to make them a part of your routine. The more regularly that you visit a place, the more likely you’ll be to make friends with the staff and the other regulars.

Becoming a familiar face is key to starting a community and building new friendships from there.

Hang Out With Coworkers

Your work is a great tool to use for building your social life. Since you spend most of your day with your coworkers, it’s only natural to start building friendships.

Try to suggest hanging out after work for a happy hour session or invite them to an event in town that you’ve wanted to check out. You may find that your coworkers end up being some of your closest relationships in town.

Use Apps

When all else fails, you can depend on social apps that connect people with similar interests. Sometimes these apps are great for shy people but would still like to be able to make bonds with people in their area.

These kinds of apps aren’t only limited to dating, as many people may think. Various apps match everyone, from professionals to parents looking for playdates for their kids.

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