Use a Los Angeles Magician to Keep Your Guests Fully Entertained

One of the main things a party planner has to keep in mind is how to keep guests entertained. Today, people have a concise attention span, probably due to increased distractions in life. If your party is not interesting, your guests will promptly switch off and turn to their smartphones for more fun. This is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Use a Los Angeles Magician to Keep Your Guests Fully Entertained

Whether hosting a birthday party or a corporate gig in Los Angeles, you must get creative with your entertainment. One of the easiest ways to keep your guests glued to the events is by bringing in an experienced magician. Yes, magic might not be among the top ideas you were thinking about, but you will be amazed by the impact this will have.

Finding a Los Angeles Magician

Booking a Los Angeles Magician is not the easiest of tasks you have to do. The fact that these entertainers are in high demand makes this even more difficult. In a busy city like this, you might be forced to book your magician months before the event, which might not be convenient at times. This is where the ingenious Special Guest App comes in handy.


Whatever the type of entertainment you want in the City of Angles, this iPhone app by Damon Wayans Jr. makes things easy for you. The app brings together talents in the city with clients looking to hire them. If you are looking for the best magicians for your gig, you have to download the app on your iPhone and start searching for the right magician to suit your event.

Bring Your Party to Life

The app is easy to use, and you can start with the free 7-day trial to browse, find entertainers, and message them. Booking entertainment for your event has never been this easy. Through the in-app messaging feature, you can keep in touch with the Los Angeles Magician you have selected.

You will find top magic talents, including Harvey Simpson, Ian Galloway, Nick Paul, Adam Wylie, Nick Ivory, and Brian Gillis. These are experts in their trade and will bring magical entertainment to your party and spice it up. Choosing the right magician for your party is easy because their profile is included. You will also find reviews on the Special Guest App to help you make an informed decision.

Still wondering how you can make your party in LA stand out? Download the Special Guest App and keep your guests fully entertained.

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