3 Sports That Are Easier on the Body

Sports don’t always have to be overly strenuous. There are certain sports that can still give your body a good workout without putting as much wear and tear on your muscles and bones. Some sports also rely more on mental focus and strategy than brute strength, which can be especially good for older people or individuals with mobility challenges. Try any of these three sports if you’re looking for something that’s easier on the body.


Even though swimming can sometimes be strenuous, it’s still better for bone joints than running and other high-impact activities. Swimming is great for toning and muscles and improving cardiovascular functioning. The nice thing about swimming is that you can choose to go at an easy pace and still get a productive workout. If you want to race, you can compete at a level that coincides with your age and fitness level.


Like swimming, your joints won’t sustain as much impact when you go cycling as opposed to running. Just remember to wear a helmet and other safety gear to keep yourself better protected if you crash. For an easy workout that still counts as exercise, try riding your bicycle on a flat, even surface that is safe and doesn’t have a lot of sharp turns. Racing can also be done at a competitive level that suits your physical abilities.


Competitive shooting requires great concentration and patience and can still be good for the body. You’ll need to be able to maintain excellent posture in each shooting position. Shooting regularly can also improve hand, arm and shoulder strength. You can participate in target, trap or other types of shooting events to test your skills. After you’ve finished shooting, it’s important that you store your gun safely in a gun safe made in the USA or another secure storage space.

Finding the sport that improves your fitness without pushing the physical boundaries too far will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. It’s also important to choose a sport that you enjoy so that you’ll want to stick with it longer.

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