How to Know if Your Tattoo is Healed Enough to Go Swimming

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t wait to show off your new tattoo. But before you hit the beach or pool, it’s important to ensure your tattoo is healed enough to withstand exposure to water. Here are a few things to remember to ensure your tattoo heals properly. If you’re wondering whether your tattoo is healed enough to go swimming, the answer is probably no. Swimming with a fresh tattoo is bad, as it can cause infection. Even if you have a bandage on your tattoo, swimming in the ocean is not good if you can’t avoid swimming after getting a netattt.

What are the consequences of swimming with a fresh tattoo?

You’re going to a pool party, and all your friends will see you in this cute one-piece swimsuit. You want to look good for everyone! But as you head out the door, you realize that you cannot wear a swimsuit right now because bandage on your arm. You anxiously apply sunscreen every day. It’s healing up well. You worked hard with your dermatologist to get the tattoo covered.

How do I know if my tattoo is healed enough to go swimming?

Even though you are almost done healing, you still have a few stages left for your tattoo to heal fully. The first and last stages are complete, leaving the next crusting phase. If you have been icing or wearing sunscreen every 2-3 hours, that is halfway through the healing process. If you are trying a different type of makeup, then congratulations! You are now out of the woods. Find an upcoming event to swim in once your body has sufficiently healed.

Enough to Go Swimming

Can I go swimming after my tattoo has healed?

The goal is to look fantastic and feel great after your tattoo heals. That’s why educating care of new tattoos is so important. N is such an important matter which tattoo studio you go to, keep reading for helpful information on keeping your body hydrated and what foods you can eat once a reaction has faded.

Can I go swimming with a bandage on my tattoo?

If you have a tattoo, you may be curious about when you can return to the pool or ocean and if swimming with your bandage still on will hurt. Experts say that if you are 30 days post-op and your area is scabbed over, you can safely jump back in the water (or pool). This can vary depending on how severe your procedure was. If your new ink is raw, healing, or barely there, wait until it is fully healed.

How to Know if Your Tattoo is Healed Enough to Go Swimming

You have an excellent “modified angel” on your ankle. You may wonder if this is healed enough to go swimming because nobody wants to get all nasty in the pool and then find out their ankle looks like blueberry jam when they get out. But there are ways to know for sure. Try these DIY tests: Stick your finger in it—as far as possible without feeling any pain. Does it “pucker” up?

Things You Should Keep In Your Mind:

  • Can I go swimming with a new tattoo?
  • How long do I need to wait before swimming with a new tattoo?
  • What are the risks of swimming with a new tattoo?
  • Can I go swimming in the ocean with a new tattoo?
  • Can I go swimming in a pool with a new tattoo?
  • How can I avoid infection when swimming with a new tattoo?

Why swimming with a new tattoo is a bad idea.

Your tattoo has healed does not mean you can jump into the pool. Here is a case of when and why swimming with a new ink might not be good. You’ve finally completed your sleeve or back piece, a much-needed vacation from the office, and you want to celebrate with a soak in the local pool. It is noon on a beautiful day, and the sun is out, so you jump into the pool, fully clothed, only to discover that someone has decorated the entire collection with balloons.

Swimming in the ocean after tattoo

After getting a new tattoo, it’s tempting to jump in the water and head for the beach. But this new ink might have puss or blood, so you should wait before diving into the pool or ocean. The time it takes for your tattoo to heal fully is called the “healing period.” After six weeks, check whether your new ink is ready for aquatic activity. You can use this guide to reference if your ink is still red or inflamed.

What To Do If You Can’t Avoid Swimming After Getting A Tattoo?

There may be times when you cannot avoid potential risks to your health, such as after getting a tattoo. Write an intro that explains your choice and how this relates to your topic. But, if you can apply it to a personal narrative essay or make that experience part of your story more interesting, then great! Crafting good thesis statements for rhetorical essays is key to solidifying a point. It might help to look at your draft and ask yourself questions like these:


My tattoo is finally healed enough to go swimming! I’m so excited to show it off at the beach this weekend. On Saturday, I went out to lunch with my friend Anna. We visited an Italian restaurant called Da Marco in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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