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Where to Travel in March

Whether you are looking for the best place to experience spring or are just looking to find the best deal on green beer, there are plenty of places to travel to in March. If you want to get away for one last winter vacation before summer sets in, or if you want to leave your current winter wonderland for somewhere less snowy, March is one of the best times to plan a trip.


There are many things to celebrate in March, like St. Patrick’s Day and spring break. Depending on where you decide to travel to, you can experience the quiet beauty of nature or the culture and life pulsating from the city, meaning you can get whatever you need in March.

If you want to head to a lively city that celebrates all month and has an undeniable culture, consider traveling to Chicago, Illinois. While the city is usually vibrant, everything gets turned up a notch in March. They turn the river green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and the festivities continue for a week. And depending on what global warming decides, you may be able to experience snow and sunshine all in the same week!


The possibilities are endless: you can see a show, eat a classic Chicago dog, and celebrate Irish history in any way you can by touring museums, going on one of the many city-wide bar crawls, or attending one of the cultural festivals in town. There are many ways to travel through the big city; you can take the bus or train or even take an Uber to get from place to place. If you plan to rent a car or drive yourself, brush up on your defensive driving skills before setting out on your journey to a new city.

You can experience anything and everything in Chicago in March, and at that time of the year (as in, not in the most intense part of winter), you can easily play tourist or get into the real feel of the city full of history.

If you want to avoid any potential snow or freezing temperatures during your trip, consider traveling to Southern California in March. You can visit various theme parks, and you can uncover the top 10 Disneyland secrets while you’re there. Many cities are close together, so you can travel up and down the beaches or go further inland to experience even warmer temperatures and the West Coast’s culture. If you are looking for a city with a little bit of everything to offer in March, consider San Diego. There are various beaches (whether you want to go to the beach or want to walk around and look at shops, there are endless options). March is on the cusp of winter and spring, so it is perfect to step out into nature and enjoy the change in seasons. You can hit the beach, hike to one of the many scenic views, or soak in the local culture through street fairs or a walk-through downtown.

While any time is a good time for a vacation, traveling in March does have its perks. There is much to celebrate in March, and you can choose where you want to appreciate the upcoming springtime. The East and West Coast, and in between, all have amazing places to live it up in March, so make sure you research and choose the best place for your trip.

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