In the Analog TV broadcasts, we see black and white dot pixel pattern on TV screens that constantly move when there is no signal. This is commonly known as the noise. Since there will be no signal at the end of the antenna port under the perfect conditions, you should see black and white dot images on the screen, depending on the design of your TV set. Therefore what you saw on TV in such a case is not a feature that is included to the TV’s, rather they are the traces of the universe. It is possible to get more detailed information on the popgi.

The universe is created as the result of the Big Bang as accepted by the majority of the science people. After this bang, what we have seen and will experience was shaped and continue being shaped. The stars, the planets and us. But what is the relationship of this with the noise that we see on TV’s? Well, they are the remnants of the Big Bang that allowed our space to happen.



The Big Bang was so violent that one of its most significant effects of the Big Bang can be observed in any place in the universe as a resonating microwave broadcast with 1,9 mm wavelength and 160,4 Ghz extreme value.  

So this is the cause of the effects that is seen on screens and also known as the film, shot by the ants. Yet this effect is not only encountered in TV screens, the sound that we hear when we switch channel to channel when we listen to radio is also resulted from the bang as well.