What are the benefits of mobile trackers

In today’s business world, protecting ourselves from threats that can damage our earning ability as a business is becoming ever more important. More often than not, those threats come from the inside in the form of employees who might be abusing company property for their gain. Monitoring employees and checking their activities when out of the office was difficult. With recent developments in software technology, monitoring employees more closely and ensuring they are not abusing your company’s assets has become possible.

How can I secure my company against abuse?

What are the benefits of mobile trackers 1

Applications such as Hoverwatch allow you to control and monitor your employees to ensure no illicit activities occur. Hoverwatch enables you to monitor smartphones and see the incoming and outgoing calls and the text messages received and sent by the user. Hoverwatch also allows tracking letters created in applications such as Viber and WhatsApp. In an ever more digital world, we can never be too careful about what data our employees can access and how they can use it.

Hoverwatch intends to monitor employees and provide a recording of important conversations, which are essential for business use.

How do I use Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch can be installed on any smartphone to manage employees from one central dashboard. The application is compatible with leading operating systems and is extremely easy to use. The application requires internet access to synchronize data between employer and employee. The employer can then easily see the activity on their computer and make decisions accordingly. This information can prove critical when you need to know exactly what was said and by whom it was said. Using Hoverwatch in stealth mode is also possible, which prevents the user from knowing that employees monitor their devices. This feature is convenient when one suspects an employee might be up to devious tricks. Hoverwatch makes it much easier to monitor employees effectively.

What features does Hoverwatch have?

What are the benefits of mobile trackers 2

Hoverwatch is an application that can monitor your employees for their safety and security. It allows you to monitor the following:

1. Phone calls made and received
2. Phone Location
3. SMS Messages sent and received
4. Viber Messages sent and received
5. WhatsApp Messages sent and received
6. Snapchat Messages sent and received
7. Camera
8. Internet Browsing History

As seen from the above list, Hoverwatch provides powerful tracking options for your business.

Advantages of using Hoverwatch

Using Hoverwatch to monitor employees has many benefits, making it an important tool for all business owners. Our employees represent our company’s image when they are out and about conducting business on your behalf. Your company’s reputation is its most important asset, and it deserves the necessary protection to ensure that it stays your best asset. Hoverwatch lets you track important conversations and messages about your customers and orders. It will also enable you to detect employee abuse of your company’s resources easily.

Hoverwatch is priced competitively to allow businesses to access the application’s powerful tools. Monthly plans are available to suit any budget and pocket, ensuring that you can access the data you need when you need to. We are used to being monitored using CCTV and telephone recording systems; however, our mobile phones have been the weak spot in any business’s armor until now.

Protecting company data is essential today when we face fraudsters everywhere. Hoverwatch is not a resource-intensive application and transmits data securely between devices. It is very light and compact, yet powerful. Monitoring employees may sound like an invasion of their privacy, but protecting your business and its employees is sometimes necessary.

Why not experience the power of Hoverwatch for yourself? It is as simple as downloading and installing the application on your phone! You can protect yourself from threats such as disloyal employees using your resources to look for employment elsewhere. You can also detect employees sharing trade secrets or confidential information with unauthorized third parties. Monitoring employees is an essential and crucial aspect of modern-day business. To measure is to know. Knowing how you can improve your employee’s performance is another perk of using Hoverwatch.

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