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Use Technology to Increase Conversions

High traffic, but low sales figures, is a very common problem with online stores.

Does your web store have increased traffic, but too few conversions? Then you’re probably doing something right outwards, but not inwards.

Online stores spend millions of their marketing budget getting traffic into the website but lack knowledge of what to do once the customers have arrived. Everyone wants their customers to convert, not realizing it doesn’t necessarily happen on its own.

What are Conversions?

Let’s start with the basics – what are conversions? Converting means a customer on your site is doing what you want them to do, whether it’s making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a video, or booking a dentist appointment.

Anyone running an online store needs to work on conversions on a daily basis. Examples are A/B-testing, using analysis tools, or other strategies aimed to influence customers at the critical finish line: Completing the purchase. Do this right and your conversions will increase.

Strategies and Tools for Analyses

Google Analytics is a good choice for analyses. The software is free and does a great job of analyzing website visitors. Google Analytics tracks your traffic, where customers come from, where they go, and what device they use. This is critical data that gives you more knowledge about your customers.

In addition, Google Analytics gives insight into some aspects of behavioral patterns, such as time spent on the website and conversions.

Using Google Analytics right will give you the correct targets numbers and KPI’s. This will lead you to a fast track to success.


Although Google Analytics is a good tool, it’s not alone enough to work systematically on increasing conversions. You’ll also need a system for A/B-testing. The latter gives you insight into what products and strategies work best to target a group of customers.

A/B-testing is a way to compare two versions of a variable, typically testing recipients response to A against B and determining which of the two is more effective.

Planning and administering A/B-hypotheses is a system in itself. The data you collect can be used to set up new tests, making your marketing more accurate.

Continuous Improvement of Functionality

Your website should be as easy and intuitive as possible. This goes for anything related to your website, from loading times, to search bars, navigation, shopping cart, checkout, deliveries, and returns. You should never stop working on improving your content, display messages, and desktop and mobile design.

Personalized Messages to Visitors

If the message is relevant, the more likely it is for customers to convert. Tech company Recheckit delivers AI-controlled technology that triggers the right message at the right time, encouraging customers to complete a purchase.

This means you’ll communicate with customers at the right moment with a relevant message or offer that stimulates purchase.

Measure Impact of Campaigns

Which campaigns and messages contribute the most and how much greater is profit during campaign periods versus periods without campaigns and promotions? You need a good system in place to answer these questions.

It’s crucial to measure the impact of campaigns. Was the customer going to buy your product anyway or did the campaign contribute to the sale?

Master these strategies to gain full control over conversions and value.

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