Top US Resorts for Snowboarding

For those die-hard snowboarders out there, you know that sometimes finding the best resort can be tricky if your sport of choice is snowboarding versus skiing. We considered that when we created our top five list, leaving you the best places to visit if your heart says snowboarding!


This resort features not only beautiful views and great skiing, but it also has the bonus of offering some of the biggest jumps and jib features for snowboarders. You can also expect to see powder terrain, slopes for both beginner and intermediate levels, and the bonus of getting some of the most snow in the United States due to its location.

Located just over 30 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport makes this resort easily accessible and a great choice for snowboarders! I have to give kudos to the pro shop, my luggage was lost when I was going here, and they fitted me up with some great snowboard boots and bindings that were very comfortable!


Breckenridge is known for its great terrain, and with four parks on the premises, it is definitely one of the top resorts for both skiers and snowboarders. Already ranked among having some of the best pipes and terrain parks anywhere, this year alone added a new 22-foot, Olympic-style half pipe to attract any savvy snowboarder! Located just two hours from Denver International Airport makes this yet another great choice for snowboarders.


The Canyons is actually Utah’s largest resort, with 4,000 acres to ski on! It has tons of natural features, such as tree runs, gulleys, bowls, and even fresh powder stashes. This makes the resort unique but one of the best choices for snowboarders looking for a dream resort! It’s located just 35 miles from Salt Lake City, making it a breeze to get to as well.


Vail boasts three different terrain parks for snowboarders. Golden Peak has more than 30 features, Bwana has more than 20 features, and Pride is the choice for any beginner looking to work on their snowboarding skills. Vail is located just 100 miles west of Denver International Airport, making it easily accessible for flights and driving.


Mammoth is actually the highest ski resort in California. It includes a variety of terrain with everything from alpine bowls to endless groomers. It also has the largest ski school in California, making it the perfect destination for groups that include both veterans and beginners. The resort of just 10 miles from Mammoth Yosemite Airport, making it yet another great spot to plan your next snowboarding trip with ease!

Planning your next snowboarding trip should be focused on the main event; snowboarding! Make sure to do your research and find a great spot that allows you to work on your snowboarding skills and also provides a great view and an easy to get to the location. Make it easy on yourself and consider our choices!

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