Starting 2017 with a Juice Detox? Why Not All Juices Are the Same

With the new year just around the corner, those of us who are already prepared for Christmas may be beginning to think about what they want to do to improve our lives and bodies for the new year ahead once January the 1st rolls around. After the festive period’s indulgence, many people think to start a detox diet as a kick start to their new year health and fitness plans. You can detox in lots of ways, with some people choosing things like brief fasting periods, others choosing to eat nothing but whole or raw foods for a few days, and some people instead opting to ‘detox’ their lives rather than their bodies by having a break from social media, the internet, or even technology as a whole!

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Juice Detoxes

However, one of the most popular ways to start a detox diet is with a juice cleanse. The theory behind this is that the vitamin and nutrient content of juices made from fruit and vegetables can give you a boost while also helping flush toxins out of the body. Juice cleanses used for general well-being and as a weight-loss method can be a nice thing to try if you want to start 2017 feeling your best. Juice detoxes involve replacing your meals for a short period with juices or supplementing a whole food diet with them for a longer period. You can buy juices ready to drink, or you can make your own. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing juices or ingredients. Just because something is a juice doesn’t mean it has the same health benefits or nutritional value as another juice, so it pays to know a bit about juices before commencing a detox program that uses them.


Slow and Raw is Best

You may have heard that cooking fruit or vegetables can cause you to lose many nutrients and enzymes in them. Freezing can have a similar effect, especially on delicate structures like berries. Therefore, juices made from fresh, raw fruit and vegetables offer better nutritional power than those made from cooked or frozen ingredients. Equally, the way the juice is made can also reduce the juice’s efficiency, as different processes break down the plant’s fiber matrix in different ways. Slow juices help to retain more of the goodness in the ingredients by breaking down the structures of the plants less violently. Always look for juices made from fresh, raw ingredients and slow juices if you are buying premade products or investing in a slow juicer.

Green Vegetables

You may want to choose largely fruit-based juices because you like the taste, but in reality, a juice detox really needs high vegetable content, especially but they also contain a lot of sugar, which can give you a higher calorie content than you may want if you are trying to lose weight, and you need the vitamin balance that comes from a vegetable blend. Look for juices that use green vegetables and fruit and other colorful vegetables, or experiment with your own recipes to make great tasting fruit and veg blends.

Have fun trying new juices, and enjoy a healthy start to 2017!

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