Sony KDL-26EX320 Internet Television Review

For its size, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is the maximum full-featured television available. If you do not have time to study all the details, here is a brief shape report. That can assist in deciding on a purchase or no purchase.


Cost-wise, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is dear for its size. However, considering all of its bells and whistles, most who want this size television might be more than thrilled with their purchase. Of course, not anything is perfect. That is the reviewer’s factor of view, no longer the product design team that put this stunning television together. Sony had in mind an outstanding TV of this size that would stun customers with its excellent photography and sound. As a space-saving LED display screen, the Internet, and Skype-ready television, that is a top-notch bundle.


Like most Sony televisions, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is very good-searching, has excellent specifications, and has more functions than you expect from a set this length. The bottom line is that the group is worth the cash. Without beginning into all the information on this precise, suffice it to say that the Sony KDL-26X320 has some capabilities no longer determined on different TV offerings available on the market.

This Sony looks crisp and clean with the trademark deep black smooth end at the set’s borders. Like different Sony widescreen TV sets, it looks splendid in the showroom and even higher in your private home or flat.


Although the picture has first-rate visible features, I would ensure you have accurate lighting control within the room where you’ll watch this television. It is as if the advertising branch asked the layout group to cut the pleasant pics’ power consumption. If that were to be genuine, it might be the motive the set is a little dimmer than I would like. Understand this. The photo’s best clearness and colorations are extraordinary, just a little dimmer than I would like.

Special Features That Catch the Eye

It is quite near this size. Sony TV is Skype-ready. I couldn’t discover different units of equal length with Skype capability. Sony says you can use your smartcell phone as the far-off. I have by no means had a great deal of good fortune with that arrangement, but the set comes with its own far-flung anyway, so – no concerns.

One nifty characteristic is the car presence sensor that changes the set’s energy settings to stand by if you rise and depart. What it does if some other character within the room isn’t noticeably energetic or asleep is a question. The presence may be set to inactive, so this ought to no longer be a real problem.

Picture Details

Other than the truth that I like more vivid television screens, the capacity of the Sony KDL-26EX320 to provide you with first-rate snap shots is simply that amazing. The great detail, excellent shade depth, and splendid movement handling, in reality, impressed me the first time I looked at the set. I nevertheless experience they’re delicious, and it’s been a while.

When I put a DVD on or turn on the cable TV, the equal software or DVD seen on different sets faded in contrast. This is the principal thing that excites me about Sony. I love aspect-by-way off-side comparisons, and on this test, the KDL-26EX320 excelled. Okay, possibly the other display screen becomes brighter; I like that – recollect – but the shiny photograph method is nothing if the image’s best is missing something. Sony supports a dozen video codecs to cover most of your content.

The high-quality performance within the visible department partly results from the Edge LED device of lighting fixtures up the picture. Using edge lights allows much less power usage in offering high-quality visual enjoyment.

The sound this Sony produces is going to amaze you. It is surprising to listen to one of these powerful sounds from one of these skinny sets.

Internet Streaming Feature

Sony is rightfully proud of bringing the Internet to this exceptional television display screen. The Internet streaming feature lets you see on-call for content, track channels, and, as cited in advance, Skype. If your house or flat has to get entry to the Sony Entertainment Network, you surely have a pleasing package. The mixture of the Sony community for content and this TV became part of Sony’s plan.

Surfing the Internet on any TV isn’t always the same as using your computing device, PC, or laptop. That is the best possible if you have the PC or computer connected, and this is possible to the KDL-26EX320. Navigating with a far-away smartphone is just not very comfy. This trouble isn’t always precise to Sony and not simply to this set.

So, I observe the Internet streaming, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype capability as “nice to have” powers. However, I don’t see myself using Sony as my main Internet entry point. Maybe that is just me. Any TV I overview that purports to have Internet access gets the same comments from me. At least, thus far, they do.

Here is more info on things you could expect from the Sony KDL-26EX320 performance and function-wise.

The excessive definition detail, without a doubt, does gift HD content material, video games, and films in HD digital best. Even non-HD content material receives an improved raise in first-class. To me, this is simply awesome.

Sony is also proud of supplying you with a narrow set with high-quality power performance and a terrific photograph multi-functional set. Sony also loves to place sensors on their units to prevent work and store energy simultaneously. This Sony TV mechanically corrects the photo to optimize the image in line with the mild present inside the viewing room. This provides vast power value savings.

The Sony KDL-26EX320 has a European Union Power Rating of B. That rating machine goes from A through G, with A being great.

You can forget about using one’s nasty, messy cables for Sony’s built-in Wi-Fi, and I appreciate that. Sony also installed a content material facts gadget. That way, you can get specs on music and movies at the contact of a button. However, I suspect that is on the Sony Entertainment Network’s handiest.

If you wall-mount this TV set, you will recognize the four.2 cm intensity dimension. The blanketed tabletop stand trades the unit’s effective depth to 18.2 cm. The group itself stays at 4.2. However, the footprint with the frame is deeper.

This Sony has two tilt settings at 0″ and 6″ back pitch. It is not variably adjustable for the tilt between the two positions.

There are more than one dozen photo mode settings to pick from for the duration of the installation. There are huge mode settings for streaming content and three wide mode settings for a join desk pinnacle PC or laptop.

If you’ve got different DNLA well-suited electronic products in your home, you may stream content from them to Sony easily. This makes use of your older content material viable and provides a variety of flexibility to this Sony television and your existing digital device. You will probably be shocked to discover how many DNLA well-suited home equipment, audio electronic gadgets, digital photography, and video products are ialready in your home. They are just ready to share their content with the Sony KDL-26EX320.

Using an outside Hard Disk Drive and the USB 2.0 connector, you could record pretty much whatever content material you wish tto view later. You can use any USB media playback device to provide content to Sony nicely. That opens up a wide variety of uncountable content material playback options.

If you’ve got different HD gadgets, you may join them to the Sony through the four HDMI inputs. No other TV set this size has that many HDMI inputs.

If your cable device provides digital content material, which most do these days, you can access that content without a unique set-top container from the content material company.

The far-flung that incorporates the Sony 26EX320 can manage any Bravia and maximum different Sony electronic merchandise. That manner of controlling all your devices with one far away. To be sincere, that is beyond me, but that might be a personal trouble on my component.

The sound gadget speakers are undetectable and feature three proper mode settings. There are also three surround sound mode settings. You may also locate three specific locations for Dolby noise discount that is greater than commonly determined on a set this size. There is one USB 2.0 entry and an Ethernet entry. There are two approaches to connecting your PC or computer. Being capable of combining both right now might be a query for the help website or consumer discussion board.

One characteristic that incorporates all Sony TV merchandise is excellent support and an excellent online guide website. On that website, you can get at no rate entire installation instructions, manuals, and recommendations on almost any aspect of setting up, installing, and working on your Sony TV set.

Signing up to use the Sony help facilities on the Internet is unimportant. If you sign up, some special advantages would be free or significantly decreased charges.

Stimulating is a user discussion board or records exchange where you’ll find out how different customers of the same set are using and enjoying their Sony KDL-26EX320. I see no reason for potential purchasers not to check out that website online before buying the set. I did just that and located human beings glad about the product supporting each different, in true humor, getting set up in specific and one-of-a-kind vicinity conditions.

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