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New Mazda cars launched in the market

Mazda Mazda 3 sedan: A new inning by Mazda

Have you noticed the new cars in the market? If you observe them once, you will get overwhelmed with the new range. American cars, oceanic America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia also produce the best cars in the whole world. When we talk about the best cars, we cannot ignore Mazda’s new car, which is Mazda 3 mpg 2018. Though there are several different Mazda models, this model is actually an “Eyeball Grabber.”

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Though it is hard to pick the best one from so much good range, we are here to make it easier for you. You can look for all the Mazda models before making the final purchase, but I know you will love this model because of its excellent features.

A confident and strong car is the true name for the super cool model by Mazda. Striking features, strong bodyline, and a stylish design of the car make it worth purchasing. Once you are on the wheel, you can get the best experience with it. The car is not only best in looks, but it has something best to offer you under his coat. Availability in 3 trim levels makes it the “Most desirable car of 2018”. Though this car is having tough competition in the market, it has proved itself and has become successful in showing its presence.

Why Mazda 3 Sedan?

Raising rivalry:

Though several models also promise to be the best, this car has a unique appearance and personality. The stronger personality of the car resulted in the continuously popping up of rivals. Some of the active rivals are Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Kia Forte. Increasing rivalry among the competitors is allowing the car to shine in a better way.

Best variants:

The car is available in the three major variants, which are mentioned below. So ponder on them to know more.

As all the variants are different, so all have different features, and after knowing the features, you will feel tempted to buy all of them.

Cost & features

Sport Mazda 3 is available in 2 different trims, I.e., auto and manual. So the price of both the variants differ. The auto is available at 20,395$, whereas the manual is available at 19,345$. So, you can choose according to the features.

The main features are mentioned below:

  • Push-button start
  • The remote keyless entry system
  • Answer back feature
  • Power locking system
  • A 2-stage unlocking lock system
  • Pollen filter air conditioner
  • Alloy-wheels (16 inches)

Touring Mazda 3 is available in 2 different trims, I.e., auto and manual. The price of the touring model is a bit higher as compared to the sport one. You can buy the auto one at $21,890, whereas you can buy the manual one at $20,840.

The major features are mentioned below.

  • Absolutely advanced keyless entry
  • Windshield Wipers with the rain-sensing mechanism
  • The blind-spot monitoring system
  • Auto headlights on/off
  • Same features of the sport version

Grand touring is also available in 2 different trims, I.e., auto and manual. The grand touring model is also a bit costlier than the sport and touring one. The auto grand touring will cost you $24,945, whereas manual grand touring will cost you $23,895.

The major features are mentioned below:

  • Full color active driving display
  • SiriusXM satellite with the free initial subscription
  • Leather-trimmed sport seats with perforation
  • Auto-leveling headlights

In addition to this, this car gives several other features like crashworthiness, crash avoidance and mitigation, good cargo capacity, good comfort and seating, good fuel economy, good braking system, good steering and handling system, and several other supportive features. In a nutshell, it is a car worth buying and can act as a true asset to your life.

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