Increase Your Online Sales

Do you frequently experience high traffic and low sales? This indicates you’re doing something right outwards but not inwards.

International statistics from the technology bureau Recheckit show only 2% of online store visitors end up buying something. This means 98% of the traffic generated to your website is wasted time and money.

Many visitors leave behind full shopping carts. Others spend a significant amount of time browsing products but still choose to leave without buying anything. These are usually customers with high shopping intention, so what’s stopping them?

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Online shoppers visit your store for a reason – don’t rob them of their purpose.

Most Common Reasons for Abandoned Carts

These are the most common reasons why customers lose their patients on a website, causing them to leave without buying:

  • Low user-friendliness
  • Loading time is too long.
  • Too many steps before checkout
  • Checkout and purchase are too complicated.

Ensure your online store is as user-friendly as possible, with easy navigation, and efficient search bar, and uncomplicated checkout. For example: Asking customers to create a user profile is too much to ask for if they want to buy a shampoo.

Some Customers Needs Encouraging

Once you’ve optimized your website’s specifications and content, you might want to consider purchasing incentives. Examples are interactive on-site elements that aim to encourage visiting customers actually to go through with a purchase.

Some customers need more encouragement than others to cross the threshold and press “Buy.”

Tech company Recheckit offers a new technology that stimulates sales by connecting with the customer at the right time. The technology is integrated into online stores and analyze customers’ behavioral pattern. Depending on how the customer moves around the website, pop-ups and online display ads are triggered.


Some visitors leave behind full shopping carts. For these customers, remarketing is an efficient tool with measurable results. Remarketing can be done by sending a friendly email reminder to the customer in question, usually combined with a good deal.

5 smart tips to increase your average shopping cart

Here are 5 top tips for anyone looking to increase the average shopping cart in their online stores:

  1. Offer a gift card: “Shop for $80 and get $10 off your next purchase”. This encourages shoppers to return for repurchases.
  2. Combination discount: Discount on purchase with several products.
  3. Discount trade activation: Trade a discount for action, for example, subscribing to a newsletter or getting a first-time purchase with a discount.
  4. Additional sales: Suggest other products matching the customer’s shopping cart, using automated and triggered on-site display ads.
  5. Eligible for free shipping: “You are only $8 away from free shipping on your order.” This might be the most efficient way to increase the average shopping cart.
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