Harassed’ by son and daughter-in-regulation

Within hours of discovering the video, the management swung into motion and approached the senior citizen couple who had sent a distress message seeking help from officers in opposition to their son and daughter-in-law.

The Ghaziabad management got here to the resource of a 68-12 months-old man after he posted a video on social media complaining about sick-remedy via his son and daughter-in-regulation.

“I, Indrajeet Grover (sixty-eight), am a coronary heart patient and my spouse (sixty-eight) suffers from arthritis. My most effective son and daughter-in-law are pressuring us to depart our personal house and they’re no longer worried whether or not we stay or die…” Indrajeet alleged in a video posted on social media, searching for assist from the Ghaziabad district management.

Within hours of discovering the video, the administration swung into action and approached the senior citizen couple who had despatched a misery message seeking assist from officers in opposition to their son and daughter-in-regulation.

Officials, along with the police, reached their residence in Loni’s Ankur Vihar around 8 am Sunday.

They informed officials the house turned into theirs which they had built out in their personal profits even as their son and daughter-in-regulation were pressurizing them so much that they had no choice left but to commit suicide.

Indrajeet, in the video, had appealed to the administration that it ought to intervene and assist them “from the clutches of my grasping son”.

The couple’s daughter lives in Australia.

“We came across the video about 1 am on Sunday and reached the couple’s house and mentioned the problem with their son and daughter-in-law. It is the senior citizen couple’s personal house that’s built out of their personal income and not a parental property. Even after -three hours of discussion, however, there has been no end result,” Prashant Tiwari, sub-divisional magistrate (Loni), said.

The couple’s son Abhishek gave a written announcement to officers, which was signed via all own family individuals as witnesses.

“Thereafter, all and sundry reached a consensus that the son and his wife will vacate the house within 10 days and allow the aged couple to stay in their personal residence. Their son has additionally given us in writing that he’ll vacate the house in 10 days’ time,” Tiwari brought.

“I, Abhishek Grover, had been staying with my mother and father at DLF Ankur Vihar. As needed by way of my father I will pass out on hire with my family and will circulate out within the next 10 days,” the written announcement via Abhishek stated.

District Justice of the Peace Ritu Maheshwari on Sunday tweeted the video in addition to the signed letter given by way of Abhishek.

The @dm_ghaziabad tweeted, “Written settlement in parents-youngsters dispute case of LONI Ghaziabad; problem resolved.”

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