5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Contractor

Bathroom renovations are popular projects that homeowners look forward to, adding beauty and functionality to their homes. But, as per most home improvement guides, these projects take around $5000-$10000. Hiring experienced and trustworthy professionals to handle this job makes all sense.

However, you must ask the right questions to get the most for your money and make a well-informed decision.

5 Questions to Ask Every Home Remodeling Contractor Before You ...

Q1. For how long have you been a bathroom remodeling professional?

You must understand that bathroom remodeling differs greatly from your living room and other home remodeling projects. The reason is that so many elements and aspects are involved that can have a far greater impact if not handled well. Talking specifically about plumbing, heating, and water-proofing can quickly lead to mold development and many health problems without proper knowledge and professionalism. Hence, ask your contractor about his experience in the industry first and finalize the one who has been in the industry for quite some time now.

Q2. Can you connect me to your previous clients?

Every bathroom contractor you will come across in the market will claim to be the best. But, to determine if it is true or not, you would need to contact his past clients and ask as many questions as possible to see if he delivered the job well on time. Stay from the company or the service provider who is hesitant to put you in touch with his previous clients as references.

Q3. Do you carry the necessary licenses?

As the state authorities require, bathroom contractors must work in the community with a proper license. However, if you live in a state where it is unnecessary, the possibility of asking such a question from the contractor would not arise. Generally, licenses are important when working with plumbing and electrical systems. So to get your part of surety, ensure the contractor is reliable.

Q4. Are there any permits needed to carry out the renovations?

This question is necessary because some states require homeowners to apply for permits, while others do not. So, whether your renovation size is big or small, it is always sensible to ask your bathroom renovation contractor if your job requires any permit for smooth execution. This way, you ensure that you have backed it up and supported it if anything wrong happens during the project.

Q5. What kind of warranty do you offer?

Not all warranties and products are created equal. As a smart homeowner, you should know what kinds of products are being used by remodeling contractors for executing your bathroom makeover project and the type of warranties that come along. So, before finalizing your deal with any company, check for the promises it offers to have complete assurance and no problems later.

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