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Three New Inkjet Printers From Canon To Buy Now

If you’re a photographer, and you’re in need of art for your walls, look no further than your camera. Chances are you have lots of great shots that could be the perfect addition to any blank wall in your house. Aside from some great picture frames, you might need one other thing: a printer. Luckily, Canon has three new inkjet …

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ower Power uses Bluetooth

Parrot Flower Power LAS VEGAS–This is what Bluetooth was invented for: a tong you stick in the soil of your plant that tells you when to water it. The Flower Power is a gadget that Parrot will bring to market at some stage this year — there is no word on price yet while the company works out how much …

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What Will The World Be Focussing on in 2017?

Away from domestic issues of the day the World’s governments, each year, will have particular areas which they will need to focus on for the good of the global community. The World is far closer than it has ever been, since the inception of the internet and the technological advancements in travel, there are many areas of our lives which …

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Something About Japan: developers Unite in Tokyo

Something About Japan On 15th and 16th of April, Unity Technologies Japan will hold Unite Japan, one of many global strands of the Unity Developers Conference. The Tokyo edition will aim to rally support among that country’s often insular development community for its middleware tools and support services, with technical sessions providing the meat of the event. Unity has become …

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5 Best Sky Broadband Packages 2013

As the demand for smooth internet, surfing is growing with each passing day hence many companies are coming to provide such services. One such company is Sky Broadband Company and offers different types of broadband packages. For Home and Light internet users, Sky is offering Sky broadband Home package that is reliable and fits in budget. Here is the list …

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