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Jak streams Wi-Fi into your car

Jak streams Wi-Fi LAS VEGAS–A new means of streaming audio and video from an Android or iOS device showed up at CES 2013 in the form of Jak, a USB dongle that can plug into a car or home stereo, game console, or TV. Jak is small, the size of a typical USB drive, but can support up to 20 …

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NASA has found 3 nice, habitable planets for us to choose from

NASA has found 3 nice NASA, that wily band of intergalactic peepers, says it’s spied three distant planets in two different solar systems that are the proper distance from their suns to make them potentially habitable. I can almost hear Elon Musk’s pitch for time-shares in the Kepler-62 and Kepler-69 systems already. According to a NASA press release: Two of …

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Amazon workers in Germany set to strike for pay, benefits

Amazon workers in Germany German labour union Verdi called on workers at to stage a strike in the country on Tuesday to put pressure on the global internet retailer to improve pay and benefits. Amazon employs around 9,000 people in Germany and has come under fire from trade union Verdi for refusing to implement a collective agreement on employment …

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If past is any indicator, ex-NSA contractor may escape long jail term

If past is any indicator, ex-NSA contractor Americans accused of divulging secrets to the media have escaped long prison sentences, a pattern that may reassure Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who exposed the U.S. government’s top-secret surveillance programs last week.   In the nine such criminal cases in U.S. history, two people served no prison time, one person was …

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Obama staunchly defends government surveillance programmes

Obama staunchly defends government US President Barack Obama staunchly defended government programmes conducting surveillance of Americans’ phone and Internet activity, insisting that they were conducted with broad safeguards to protect against abuse. “Nobody is listening to your telephone calls. That’s not what this program is about,” Obama told reporters on a visit to California’s Silicon Valley. He insisted that the …

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