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What mattered on CES day 2

Mattered on CES Alright folks, we’re into the business end of CES now, but still the hot products keep on coming. With so much to choose from, I’ve had problems squeezing everything into this roundup, but here’s what stood out at the second official day of the show. After more than 68,000 people sunk a total of $10 million into …

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Cyberattacks reanimate CISPA, spark move by Obama

Cyberattacks reanimate CISPA Recent reports of cyberespionage and hacking against important U.S. targets have triggered cybersecurity rumblings in Washington, with the leaders of the House Intelligence Committee reportedly planning to bring back the controversial CISPA — Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act — and President Obama reportedly readying his own executive order on the issue. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike …

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New York Times says targeted by China hackers after Wen report

Check out New York Times The New York Times said on Thursday that Chinese hackers had “persistently” attacked its computers over the past four months since the paper published a story on Premier Wen Jiabao, but sensitive material related to the report was not accessed. The New York Times said the attacks coincided with its report last October that Wen’s …

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How to Live a SPAM Free Life

SPAM is one of those little drags of modern life that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. The degree to which it affects us depends on a lot of factors. If you’re quite technically savvy, you probably don’t get hassled all that much. If you live in a specific country, it could just be that your …

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Dissidents in Asia worry that US may share Prism data

Dissidents in Asia worry that US may share Prism data Dissident and opposition groups in Asia, including those supported by the United States, are voicing concern over reports that Washington may have monitored and collected their conversations and e-mails. Some of these groups include legitimate political parties, others are dissidents given US assistance. But they are worried that data collected …

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