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Start your own WordPress Blog with Free Hosting by GoogieHost

Getting free in hosting is nowadays quite a big problem but when the server is having highest contributor and supporter then there is no issue to provide you hosting for free.Blogger or you say Blogspot provides free hosting but you are not having full controll over the datas or the files as there are someother guys to look upon it.You …

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Nameserver trick to workout domain instantly on the new server

I hope you have read my previous tricks to start working with the new nameserver instantly here but it was a little bit critical and need Administrative privilege always for changing the host file.Blogger users use the nameserver of their Google Nameserver but this trick is for the Cpanel hosting users.Nameserver propagation takes 72 hours time but we are so …

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How To Properly Modify WordPress Themes

Customizing WordPress themes is not so difficult but whenever you make a core file modification, you need to make sure that you have a back-up installed. You never know what happens and you might lose the modifications that you did in the past and that are ok. Whenever modifying WordPress themes, it is recommended that you use Child Themes. That …

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Seven unusual ways to speed up your tech-blog

So, you have a blog but you are tired of it rendering slowly or loading slowly. You could do the usual boring stuff such as lowering the page size or splitting your blog into smaller pages. But, these are usual and boring. Here are seven more unusual ways of speeding up your tech blog.   1 – Arrange your code …

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Improving The Ux By Optimizing Web Performance

Present generation is an impatient one courtesy the fast and powerful technology! If a laptop screen does not light up in a second, it wants to change the machine. Imagine what happens if your website does not load in a jiffy! As per Google, traffic to a website is hit in a big way if it does not open in …

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