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Porsche Panamera – A great car that is also a symbol of the digital revolution

A great improvement from the Porsche Cayenne, The Porsche Panamera in its latest version is a credible, awesome, smooth, and wonderful ride with improvements and great engine power. The four-seater Panamera is no longer a car that can be criticized. The latest engines and remodeled interiors to suit the new and urban designs are appealing compared to its competitors such as the Audis and Maseratis and extremely high performance. It has set a new yardstick for luxury cars in the market today.

Porsche Panamera – A great car that is also a symbol of the digital revolution 1


The latest version of the Porsche Panamera is new, bigger, and better. Its roofline is about twenty mms lower than the previous model, is sleek, and has a more aerodynamic finish than the previous Porsche models. Apart from this, the Panamera also boasts a wheelbase extension, a reduced front overhang, and a chassis overhaul. The design also seems versatile, given the ample use of aluminum, making the car lighter due to the metal in the door panels, tailgates, wings, and the car’s bonnet, and improves the car’s strength. Steel has also been amply utilized in the design of the Porsche Panamera. Aluminum seems to be the preferred metal for the Panamera components as the suspension is also mostly made up of aluminum.

Apart from the aerodynamic design, a hydraulic mount for the lower wishbone and new dampers have also been utilized to provide the car a bit of zing.

Interesting Features

There are several exciting features that the Panamera boasts of.

  1. Use of Aluminium and steel for the components of the car: As described earlier, the door panels, wings, bonnets, and suspension are all made of aluminum, and some components are made of steel, providing necessary lightness to the car while also making sure the build of the car is strong enough.
  2. Sensors: Porsche’s 4D Chassis Control ensures that individual data sensors react in an integrated manner. Combined with Torque, Vectoring, and Rear-axle steering, ensure that the car has great moveability.
  3. Great Engine: The Porsche Panamera combines a V8 diesel engine with a 434bhp 2.9 liter or a 542bhp 4.0 V8, which are bot new introductions. There are totally three diesel-powered engines, with the 4.0 liter one seeming the least powerful but providing great power to the car and ensuring a smooth and extremely comfortable ride.
  4. Digital Cabins: With exciting Speed and Assist functions and Car and Info functions, and the extremely well thought out entertainment system placed in the car that occupies much of the dashboard, the features of the digital cabin of the Porsche Panamera are sure to wow its users. Its display, which is over 12 inches, is extremely well designed and fits the car like a glove. Many touch-sensitive features are also placed, with the touch being adequately and perfectly responsive but not hyper-responsive.

Final opinion

For all of these reasons, if anyone wants to purchase a great car with great interiors and good entertainment, with a powerful engine and good steering and control, the Porsche Panamera seems the ideal choice. It has a nice low roofline, and its longer wheelbase ensures more leg space and comfort for the rider and the passengers. It also offers a clean and easy drive for even amateurs and does not appear to require a significant learning curve to operate the car.

The overhaul of the car from the earlier models has clearly proved beneficial for the rider. Not only does the car look much sleeker, but it is also considerably easier to operate and has extremely fancy features built into it, such as proximity sensors and Porsche Connect. It also has a great map that is touch-sensitive for those constantly struggling with their directions. Therefore, the features of this car make it not only a great investment but a tremendously great car to purchase.

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