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Want to Learn to Play the Banjo? Turn to the Internet

Playing musical instruments is one hobby you can take up, either for leisure or as a means to earn a living. Many musicians who found their way into the music industry earn millions of dollars by playing their favorite instruments. The most common musical instruments that famous musicians play are guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone. Kenny G, Carlos Santana, and more are famous for their incredible skills in playing their chosen instruments. One instrument that is slowly gaining ground in the music industry is the banjo. The banjo looks similar to a guitar, but it possesses its own unique characteristics and sound. Bluegrass is the genre to which the banjo belongs.

Well-known banjo players

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The music industry is awash with famous banjo players. Some of them are Earl Scruggs, Tony Trischka, Alison Brown, and Bela Fleck. People attribute the introduction to mainstream music and the eventual popularity of bluegrass banjo to Earl Scruggs. Tony Trischka has over four decades of experience in playing the banjo. Alison Brown is one of the notable females in the bluegrass banjo genre. She has won Grammys and other world-class awards for her musical genius. Together with her husband Gary West, she founded Compass Records in 1995, which became one of the independent record labels for bluegrass banjo players and Celtic folk musicians. Bela Fleck introduced banjo to other musical genres such as pop, fusion, and African music. He did not cage banjo to just bluegrass music, and many enthusiasts love him for that.

Start on the Internet

Let’s admit it; if you want to learn how to play the banjo by enrolling in a class, you have to shell out money for the tutorials. But what if you are very eager to learn but lack the funds? You turn to the Internet! You can search for sites that offer tutorials on how to learn to play the banjo. Some of the tutorials are free, but there are also advanced classes you can join for a small fee. The mode of the tutorial is the same as in a conventional setting. The only difference is the tutor is in another place.

You can learn the basic techniques of playing the instrument, the banjo parts, and so much more. If you are a beginner, you can buy a cheaper banjo, and once you progress with your playing skills and if you are thinking of making a living out of playing, you can invest in a better and higher quality banjo that will last for many years.

Ever since its introduction to the music industry in the 19th century, the banjo has become one of the well-loved instruments people play. The first ones who played the banjo were the African Americans, who eventually taught their masters to play the instrument. It is never too late for you to learn how to play the banjo. There are many resources besides enrolling in banjo classes. Even if you are a little cash-strapped, you can still learn how to play the instrument.

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