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How to Extend Your Two-Week Holiday in the Philippines

Have you ever been on holiday when the urge to extend your stay struck you, but you did nothing about it? This is often the case when taking a two-week holiday in the Philippines because of the warm and inviting climate and the lovely ocean breezes that captivate the senses. However, even after over a week spent in Manilla, the nation’s capital, you feel you’ve missed something important and want to stay longer than the allotted time.

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Maybe you aren’t ready to return home to live’s everyday sameness. For whatever reason, you are finally committed to taking that extended holiday you’ve longed for so often. If this is the case, here is what you need to know to make that extended holiday easy to manage.

Check Availability Where You Are Staying

First, you should check with the hotel where you currently stay and would like to continue if you extend your stay. If there is any possibility that you can visit, preferably without changing rooms, that would be ideal. Of course, there are so many hotels in Manilla you won’t want for lodging, but the easiest path would be to stay right where you are. Once accomplished, you have a few more items on your checklist to make that extended stay a reality.

When Additional Funds Are Needed

It will require more money to book your accommodations out a couple of extra weeks, and there will be other things you’ll need funds for. If you don’t have any liquid assets available and your cards are almost maxed out, you will probably need to contact a family member or close friend at home to give you a short-term personal loan.

If you need it quickly to book your room out an extra two weeks, ask them to go to You will have access to those funds within moments to book your stay a bit longer, and you can easily pick them up as cash if required. That’s the easy part! Now onto the challenges you may face.

The Process for Changing Return Dates on Flights

This might be the most challenging of all. There will often be an additional charge for changing your flight dates if they are available. It could be that the date you’d like to return home has no available flights without extended layovers en route back to Heathrow. You might need to alter your plans a little or two days on either side of the date you’d like to fly, but that can also be done. However, this brings you to the last detail to see.

Visas at a Glance

This shouldn’t pose a problem because typical tourist visas are good for up to 59 days on a single entry into the country. You are well within your limit because you’ve only been there 14 days and only intend to stay an additional 14. Even so, if you want to extend your stay in the Philippines, check once to ensure it is right. You need to know if your visa expires before your planned return date.

Once you’ve seen all the above, you are ready to enjoy those final two weeks in which you can do and see all the things you thought you wouldn’t have time for. Now you can so enjoy!

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