How to Dub a Video with Ease?

What is Dubbing, and why is it Important in a Video?

Wonder what all the hoo-ha about when famous actors and actresses lend their voices to cartoon characters and give them unique identities is? Indeed, voice dubbing is certainly a way to define characters we see on TV shows and movies. With the latest voice dubbing technology, it is possible to remove the original audio track of videos and films and add new voices and effects to existing videography.

It can certainly make dull videos come to life and grab the attention of viewers. With video dubbing, you get to add commentaries in different languages, add on voice over original recordings and make video content seem appealing through great audio and sound effects.

How to Dub a Video with Ease: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you know the benefits of voice dubbing but unsure how to go about it for your videos, you can check this list of best dubbing software. Here, we recommend a versatile software suite – Wondershare Filmora9 will get you going. It has powerful tools for such edits, and this works on a user friendly and intuitive interface, allowing beginners to understand and use the tools independently.

It would help if you were prepared to spend time on this since removing voice from a video and adding a fresh one through revoicing. Here we look at the different editing functions that Filmora9 offers to help beginners get high-quality dubbing done.


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Step 1: Prepare the Script

The initial step should comprise creating content and keeping one’s voice tone and style prepared to correlate to the videos you are about to edit. There are several online tutorials that you can look up that help you get an idea of the steps involved. Also, get your hands on a subscription to the video making software alley Filmora9 that would act as the tool for your voice dubbing process. You could also start with the software’s trial version, available for both Windows and iOS devices.

Step 2: Get Started with Record Voiceover Option

Once you have a microphone connected, launch the software you have installed on your computer. Click on New Project in the ‘Welcome’ section of the software. The Record tab includes the ‘Record Voiceover’ option. The software starts to record as soon as you click on the microphone icon. Once the recording is complete, clicking on the same icon will present the recorded audio file.


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Step 3: Edit Recorded File

If you wish to edit the recorded file, click on the track. You will find a new window opening up that directs you to different audio edit options such as speed, volume, pitch, and others. You can add or remove an effect, test it, and undo the same till you find a change that makes the edit satisfactory.

Step 4: Synchronise Video and Audio

In this step of voice dubbing, you can drag and drop in the video clip and position it with the recorded audio file.


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You can even add on a title for the video clip. There is a title tab that lets you choose a title for your video as you find appropriate.

Step 5: Preview and Save or Share Options

Once the voice dubbing is complete, and you have added the video file to the audio clip, preview the same and opt for the export function. Filmora9 has several formats available for saving the files. You will also find it easy to share the dubbed video on different platforms through a direct upload. You can burn the file onto a DVD or stream it directly on your TV.

Other Features of Editing Software

This software is feature-rich, enabling users to discover editing skills, which will add different effects to video and audio to express creativity and make the recorded projects unique. For instance:

  • As you complete dubbing for the video clips, try the picture in picture feature, which allows the video clips to be multiply layered.
  • You can add on special effects such as slow down certain scenes, add on background effects.
  • This software easily removes background noises.
  • Additional features to explore are audio mixer, audio separation, screen recording, tilt split, audio equalizer, and split-screen and 3D lut.

Tips for Beginners

Those who are new might find it daunting to plan the script, make the recording, and be dumbfounded about editing or adding effects. Even if you are new to this, Filmora9 software has a user-friendly interface that allows users to explore the different features and make the most of the tools it offers.

Here is some expert advice to get the most out of this software:

  1. Ensuring your recording’s clear quality ensures that the voice you record in comes out in a clear, consistent manner and that you sound relaxed.
  2. Keep an eye on voice modulations as and where necessary; hence, before making the final recording, you could record the script several times to get the voice modulations right.
  3. Ensure that the microphone is placed right so that ambient noise is minimized
  4. Take care to synchronize your speech with the lip movements of the speakers in the original video.
  5. The software also helps you to add subtitles. You need to ensure that the speed at which the subtitles occur is as per the speed of the speeches in the video.


If you explore the different ways of adding content and audio effects, voice dubbing is one way to add a special touch and find ways to make your video stand apart. With software like Filmora9, it is easy to get started. If you are not happy with the recording that your original shoot provided, use this handy tool to remove the original recording and add voice dubbing. You can explore the features and functions with the trial version, and for dedicated, long projects, consider opting for the subscription version of this software from Wondershare.

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