Gifts for the Person Stuck at Home with Covid-19

No single phrase is more closely associated with 2020 than COVID-19. The global pandemic has disrupted jobs and lives worldwide for the last year, and many people are stuck at home, either due to job disruption, illness, or quarantine.

For those who are in lockdown, loneliness becomes a major problem. Humans are social animals and crave connection, but COVID-19 restrictions have made physical contact virtually impossible for many people.

Gifts for the Person Stuck at Home with Covid-19

With restrictions like this and everyone already a little fragile, a Covid-19 diagnosis can be difficult to cope with. Even for those with little or no symptoms, a diagnosis means a full quarantine, pulling them away from the limited social contact they still had.

This makes get-well gifts for folks home with COVID-19 more important than ever. Here are some suggestions.

1. Treats

With COVID-19, this classic gift gets a little more complicated. Many folks with COVID-19 lose their sense of taste, smell, or both. Giving them a box of delicious chocolates may feel more like a taunt than a treat if this is the case.

Fortunately, that isn’t everyone’s symptom. Many people have no sensory-related symptoms at all.

Food is one of the most comforting things for those with no sensory symptoms. A bar of delicious chocolate or tart gummy may be the closest thing to a hug from a friend when you are quarantined.

Choose custom treats based on what the person loves. If you have specific memories of eating something with them, give them that. This will make the gift mean even more since it will be a way to share a special connection.

Many people who have lost their senses with Covid say that smelling aromatic food was the first clue they were recovering, so even if the person cannot enjoy those chocolates or cinnamon candies right now, it will be even more of a treat when they begin to recover.


If giving food isn’t appropriate, how about a more literal warm hug? Consider things that can make them feel comforted and warm.

Blankets might be the perfect gift for someone stuck at home, especially in winter. Many people with Covid-19 have complained of never feeling warm enough, so an extra layer will surely be appreciated.

For comfort more than warmth, you could also consider a weighted blanket. These feel like someone holding you to comfort someone alone in a quarantine room.

If blankets aren’t practical, consider socks or slippers. No one wants cold feet, and shoes worn outside bring germs into the house.

Another option for comfort is pajamas or sweatpants. This is especially helpful for those who aren’t symptomatic but are still stuck at home since you can change shirts and still be comfortable from the waist down on a Zoom call.

Food Delivery

One industry that has benefited from all the folks stuck at home is food and grocery delivery services. You could have dinner or groceries delivered to their house and dropped off.

Even if someone is extremely symptomatic, they still need to eat something. Having soup from their favorite restaurant delivered can give them sustenance and comfort.

To summarize, navigating what to do when someone you know gets Covid-19 can be tricky. Hopefully, this list of get-well gift ideas has helped give a starting point for reaching out. Regardless of your gift, the most important thing to do for someone stuck at home with COVID-19 is to reach out and let them know you care.

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