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Differences between Dry Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing

Dry Carpet Drying Vs. Carpet Shampooing

Should you go for dry carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing? Probably, this is a great debate nowadays. Dry shampooing companies always say that they are the best bet for the clients since their services include extraction and shampooing, which is not applied in dry cleaning.


But dry carpet cleaning companies argue that they offer the best services you can ever find in the market and are not inferior to wet shampooing companies. Though dry cleaning is new in the market and not popular among many people, it has proved very effective in deep cleaning carpets using natural wood sponges. So, what are the differences between these two? Click here for more information.

  1. Some Hidden Problems With Carpet Shampoo Cleaning
  2. Wastewater Management

Carpet cleaning services that use shampoo always boast about their total rinsing steps, which are not used by the dry carpet cleaning services. However, many people do not know that cleaning the shampoo actually uses a lot of water. For instance, a carpet of 2000 sq normally uses 300 liters of water. The implication is that apart from using a lot of water, this soiled water ends up in the drainage system. If you calculate this in a month, you will realize many liters of soiled water end up in our drainage systems per month.

Unfortunately, many carpet cleaners don’t know that the wastewater from shampoo cleaning services contains different contaminants such as resin, sand, carbon, and others, which, when accumulated for a long time, can be highly volatile organic compounds. So shampoo carpet cleaning uses a lot of water and increases wastewater hazard.

1.The Risks of Insufficient Drying

The water in the carpet usually needs more time to evaporate completely. However, during the summer, when the climate is humid, it may take an even longer time to dry. If the carpets are not fully dried, they can cause serious problems not discussed by the carpet cleaning service companies. The moisture in the carpet promotes the growth of microorganisms such as mildew. If the carpet is placed in a closed room, it can cause re-soiling and odor issues.

2.This Is Why You Should Consider Dry Carpet Cleaning

The invention of the latest technology was a breakthrough for the carpet cleaning industries. Dry cleaning services can be done within sixty minutes. This is just a small fraction of the time used to dry wet your carpet after the wet removal method.

For the businesses that operate across the crock, dry carpet cleaning is the way to keep the business operating normally. This cleaning method is effective and less destructive. It is also eco-friendly since it prevents wicking and fastens the re-soiling of the carpet. It utilizes wood sponges, which are more eco-friendly, and there is no reason to allow the wastewater into the drainage system.

Today, contact any carpet cleaning company to see which carpet cleaning method works for you better according to each method’s aforementioned advantages and disadvantages.

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