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Is skin care a task?

Is skin care a task? So you’ve managed to nab the habit of layering your products before you snooze, and have also been able to fit in regular exfoliating sessions to pamper your skin. And just when you thought that’s enough, a little birdie reminded you of the damage caused by the sun. Oops! We have a skin care routine …

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Ban the Tan

Ban the Tan Come summers and the suntan is suddenly your biggest enemy! This season, though, you can keep it at bay. Veethi shares some handy tips keep your skin glowing all through the summer. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and rosewater in a bowl and apply on your face. While the citric acid in the lemon works wonders in …

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Excessive Sweating: Reasons and Treatment

Sweating is always unpleasant and embarrassing. Don’t worry though, with this article you will be able to notice the signs of excessive sweating and the best ways to overcome this problem. Reasons for Sweating Sweating is an ordinary bodily process. It helps you to chill. The body has over 2 million sweat glands, and once it becomes hot, the activity …

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This Is Our Nightmare: Woman Has Extreme Reaction to Routine Facial

Woman Has Extreme Reaction to Routine Facial Beauty rule No. 1: Never get a new facial treatment before a big event. The reason? If you haven’t tried it before, you can’t know if your skin will have a bad reaction, like redness or a breakout. An extreme (really extreme) example of this: A beauty blogger in Singapore recently posted about …

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Glow with strawberries

Glow with strawberries If you thought strawberries were meant for dressing salads or to be had at Wimbledon, think again! It’s time you became of this fruit for it nourishing, rejuvenating and moisturising capabilities. Veethi tells you how strawberries can benefit your skin. A bag full of Vitamin C Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C which plays a …

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