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Strangest Insurance Policies of All Time

When thinking of insurance, what usually comes to mind is along the lines of ‘what does my house insurance cover’ or ‘when is my car insurance due?’. However, for some that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From body parts to the Loch Ness Monster and alien abductions – some of the things people have taken insurance policies out for …

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New Vs. Used: Inspection On A Tight Budget

When you need to expand your inspection capacity or update your existing metrology equipment, it can be difficult to decide whether it’s better to go new or used. A new machine can last for decades, but that also means that buying one used can give you better inspection power for years to come. The fact is, the mechanical technology behind …

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5 Digital Marketing Pitfalls that businesses make

Business is like a religion. You need to put your heart and soul in it. The newer dimension for a successful business model is marketing, digital marketing to be more precise. Competing in the digital marketing game is tough but it plays an important factor for the business to sustain in the market. The big commitment of time and money …

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Samsung hires soccer star Messi to save us from aliens

“Oh, no. that’s who we’re enjoying?” The need to be saved is probably the most profound and common of human desires. We do not regularly wish to admit to it; nevertheless it’s always there, like an existential bunion. Samsung knows this. Which is why it is hired the sector’s best soccer participant, Barcelona’s Lionel Messy, to avoid wasting us from …

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How Updated Nutrition Facts on Labels Will Help Consumers

In order to help consumers make better, more informed food choices and develop healthier eating habits, the US Food and Drug Administration has decided to update the content and appearance of the nutrition facts on food labels. The proposed changes will include the following: • “Added Sugars” will be listed with other changes relative to nutrition • Package labeling and …

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