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The Financial Anatomy of a DUI

A 5 decade decline of fatalities from traffic crashes ended in 2015, according to a statement released in August of this year. The NHTSA revealed that 35,092 died in traffic-related accidents. A leading factor? DUIs and DWIs. A good look at the potential financial costs of a DUI charge serves as an excellent warning of the results of one careless …

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4 Things You Never Knew About Savings Rates

A lot of people are simply content to throw their extra money or emergency cushion into a savings account and leave it there. That’s just fine if you don’t really care about accruing interest, but if you want to earn money back for your savings, make yourself knowledgeable. Before starting up a savings account, start thinking about all the things …

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4 Ways Web Design Can Change Your Business

High-speed Internet came and took over the world, storming into everyday life and changing the way we live and do business. It became an imperative for every business to have a website that reflects their brand to the general public. Businesses that don’t have websites are losing a huge market segment and they won’t be able to withstand the competition …

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Construction Dewatering 101

To dewater means to remove water from an area. Dewatering is usually done at a construction site to remove surface water or groundwater from it, and the process is normally done either by letting the water evaporate or through the use of a dewatering pump. Dewatering is necessary before any excavation is done so that the construction crew can have …

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Obama to target patent trolls with executive actions

Obama to target patent trolls The Obama administration will reportedly announce a set of executive actions on Tuesday aimed at reigning in patent trolls amid concerns they are abusing the current system and squelching competition. President Obama will instruct the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to initiate a rule-making process that would require patent holders to disclose the owner of …

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