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How Quester Originated Some Years Before

Quester was originated by a Drake University instructor who deliberated the rhetoric of language. Dr. Charles Cleveland unlocked the doors to Quester in 1973, leading one-on-one meetings either face-to-face or over the telephone. Even earlier 1973 myth has it that Cleveland, sedentary in his dormitory room, would tell the public about how processors would sometimes talk to people for the …

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Will Stick Computers Solve the School Tablet Debate?

Apple has tried to introduce students to its ecosystem at an early age, offering its iPad as an educational aid in the United States. And the tablets have worked like a charm as long as all they needed to do was act as electronic books and ways to consume new media in the classroom – but when it comes to …

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Top 5 Students Volunteer Services

Introduction: Volunteer service is a method or way of giving back to the community. There are many non-profit organizations that have offered their services such buying essays in order to help develop and grow different sectors in a nation in order to better the lives of other individuals. The Donation of Clothes and household goods: Students are well known for having …

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DDE, Pondicherry University: What it is, The Objective/Vision?

Mission: Expansion Excellence Equity Pondicherry University is among the top 10 Central Universities in the country. Founded in 1985, a decade later in 1995, the University entered the distance education domain with its vision: “to attain leadership in spearheading qualitative and responsible academic programs relevant to the society through cost effective off-campus distance mode of education.” And in keeping with …

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What is Effective Data Management for Schools

When it comes to managing data the costs can be extremely high. According to Forbes, around 3.5 percent of total revenue is actually spent on data management. Schools, in particular, have long had the responsibility to manage a significant amount of student information from contact number to academic standing. Schools and colleges are aimed at educating its students rather than …

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