Everyone loves nicely manicured and pedicured nails. However, not everyone has the skill to get it done to perfection. This is why people prefer to go to nail salons especially in big cities like New York.

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Sadly, that you go to a nail salon is no guarantee that you will get a good job done. The only way to ensure you get a good job done is by ensuring you visit one of the best nail salon in nyc that can deliver the quality of service you want.

The challenge here for many is how to go about finding the right nail salon.

What Makes a Nail Salon Ideal?

This is the question that anyone who is anxious to find the right nail salon should be asking. We will now go ahead to list the six qualities any nail salon MUST possess to be regarded as ideal.

6 aspects to consider if your Nail Salon is treating you well:

1) Hygiene

This is probably the most important (aside from skill) factor to look at when choosing a nail salon. You will be shocked at the health hazards associated with nail salons. According to a report by usnews.com, a customer contracted such a serious infection from a nail salon that the nail had to be surgically removed.

The issue of hygiene usually concerns how the equipment used for both pedicure and manicure are sterilized between use. Ensure you only go to a nail salon where the technicians properly sterilize their equipment after using them on a customer.

Also, make sure that disposable materials are actually disposed of and not reused. For your safety, be free to ask questions about their hygiene and safety practices.

2) Ventilation

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, proper ventilation is of extreme importance in a nail salon. This is because of the fumes from the different products used in the salon. These include nail polishes, acrylics and even particles from filed nails and callouses. With proper ventilation, the danger posed by these potentially harmful materials will be reduced.

3) Customer Service

The way you are received at the nail salon can be an indicator of how you will be treated. How your questions about the salon are answered can immediately raise red flags. You should be sure only to patronize a nail salon that treats you as someone important. They should gladly and even proudly answer all your questions.

4) Quality of Nail Technicians

The quality of service you will largely depend on the expertise of the nail technicians. Look at the work being done for other clients; ask the technicians some questions to ascertain how much they really know. Aside from doing an excellent job for you, a good and knowledgeable nail technician will also help you with tips on how to take care of your nails – natural or artificial.

5) Services Offered

This depends on your personal preference. It is however likely that you will want to get more than just your nails are done. While some nail salons will only offer services related to nails, some others will provide extra services like spa treatments and the likes. If this is something you are likely to enjoy, then look out for it.

6) Pricing

For some, this may be the very first thing they consider. We are looking at this last for a reason. Before you begin to consider pricing, you should be sure that every other thing listed above is in place.

The only thing that you need to be clear about here is how much you will be paying for the service(s) you need. While some salons will offer an all-inclusive price, others will charge per item. Ask and be sure what the pricing structure is so you won’t be surprised when paying your bills.


If you can carefully go through the steps listed above, you will be more likely to find the right nail salon. Remember always to put your safety first. Find the right nail salon and allow your nails to be treated to blissful pampering.