You Can Make Your EMI Cheaper. Here’s How Manoj Did It with Indiabulls Dhani

So, you have been hearing many success stories about personal loan apps but not coming around to believe it? Companies are throwing around many claims and benefits, but no story touches upon the actual details and benefits.

So, here’s a success story that will give you all the facts. This is the story of Manoj, an IT professional working full-time and living with a small family in Mumbai. Read more to find out how Indiabulls Dhani helped him through his loan journey from start to end.


What is Manoj’s Profile Like? Why Did He Want a Loan?

We first examine his requirements and profile before we understand how the Dhani app helped him through his loan journey.

Manoj wanted to borrow a sum of INR 30,000 for a family medical emergency. Since he had already exhausted his liquid emergency money to send to his parents living in Bihar, he looked for another avenue. Other than fast disbursal (since it was for a medical need), he wanted convenience and easy repayment options.

He chose Dhani because of the convenience of applying for a personal loan through the app and the sheer ease of paying back. Dhani was the only provider to give him an instant loan with minimum documentation.

The Instant Personal Loan Application Process Through Dhani

Because Manoj already knew about Dhani, he quickly installed the app and initiated the loan application process. As he was tech-savvy and had all the required documents handy, he could immediately begin the process and get a disbursement in a few minutes.

One big advantage of the Dhani app is that Manoj got the disbursement instantly into his bank account, with which he immediately paid for his medical requirements. This type of convenience is unprecedented in personal finance in India. As a service, Dhani ensures that a user gets the money immediately in an emergency.

Loan Repayment Through Dhani – Cheaper EMI Through Points

Another great feature of the Dhani experience is the repayment model. Since Manoj successfully managed his medical emergency, he wanted to focus on the repayment.

As a Dhani app user, he began paying his bills and making mobile recharges through the app. What’s more? He used to fire open the Dhani app and play the in-app games to fight boredom, which every professional in Mumbai experiences and does (mostly during travel). This had a double effect as he soon began earning Dhani points in return for these transactions.

His earned Dhani Points were then used as part of his monthly bill payments. “It was a great feeling to see that the time spent on the Dhani app was helping me make my EMIs cheaper. I don’t think there is such an app in India or anywhere in the world,” says Manoj, looking back at his Dhani experience and recommending it to his friends and family. The best part about recommending it is that Manoj earns 1,000 Dhani points with each referral, which he uses to pay his bills and book tickets for flight travel. But he also ensures that his EMIs are delivered on time, which is the only way to successfully convert Dhani Points into actual money.

As seen in this account of Manoj’s experience, using the Dhani app is an enriching experience. Whether by applying for a personal loan or using the features of an e-wallet, the Dhani app makes personal finance easier and happier.

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