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Manage to-dos with these four Android apps

Manage with four Android apps For a long time, Astrid was considered a go-to task management app for Android users. But with its recent acquisition by Yahoo and the news that it will soon be going away, fans of the app will soon be looking for alternatives. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of four of my …

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Project Management Software

Project management software has the capacity to help design, systematize, and oversee source pools and expound source guesstimates. Depending on the classiness of the software, it can oversee resource allotment, estimation and designing, decision-making, planning, interaction, quality management and documentation, cost control and budget managing, cooperation software. There are a large diversity of project management software stuff offered, counting web-based …

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Customer Relationship Management A better view point !

It is one of the leading internet-based CRM systems employed around the world. The Metrix eService application suite gives internet-based functionality in the following areas It also gives the facility to control commission-based compensation. It is accounts-centric, and too gives the facility for advertising and marketing automation. This gives uncomplicated and convenient access to data. It is hassle-free to use …

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JavaScript training for every employee !

Coding is all the rage these days, as everyone from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to urban teenaged girlstries a hand at computer programming. But few organizations have taken the trend quite as seriously as FreeCause, a Boston-based developer of loyalty management software for retailers and affinity groups. Every FreeCause employee, from CEO Mike Jaconi on down, is learning …

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Three more BlackBerry executives part ways with the company

Three more BlackBerry executives part ways Nearly two-weeks after 250 employees were fired from its testing facility in Waterloo in Canada, BlackBerry has announced that three senior executives will be saying goodbye to the handset-manufacturing company. According to a CBC report, three top executives of BlackBerry have either already quit or are in the process of leaving the company. Doug …

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