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Top 6 Games for Windows Phone 2013

Windows powered mobile phones are gaining wider popularity. Gone were the days when games and applications were less in number for the windows platform. Microsoft has teamed up with several gaming communities and is continuously striving hard to develop some of the best games to compete with Android and iOS. If you have a super powerful Windows phone, here is …

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Evernote 5 beta app released for Windows desktop users

Gu.s.on the popular observe-taking app Ever note have shared a preview of their Ever note 5 app, at present in beta, for windows desktop customers. This app now options a number of enhancements and enhancements along with an updated “up to date” interface. The Ever note 5 beta app has been more advantageous with new search and discovery capabilities to …

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Bing Translator now on Windows Phone 8

Bing Operating System Of Bing Windows Phone 8 is an impressive operating system and better than Windows Phone 7 in many ways, and it should be because Windows Phone 8 is an evolutionary version of its predecessor. Microsoft has done a great job with the new operating system which has a totally redesigned base structure as compared to Windows Phone 7. …

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V6 Review

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V6 In the event of a system crash, concern for the data on the storage drive takes precedence over everything else. If it is the operating system that has crashed, there is almost 100 percent chances of the data being secure and undamaged. But when there is a virus attack, hard drive failure such as …

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Change Windows Power Plans with a Keyboard Shortcut

Power Plans Built Of Power Plans Switching between Windows’ built-in power schemes from the taskbar can be kind of a pain, so reader Keithb1 shows us a few different ways to change them with a keyboard shortcut. I got rather sick of choosing plans from the system tray. It’s just a little clumsy and clunky trying to manage it with a trackpad all …

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