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Conveyor Belts and Its Various Industrial Uses

When industries started booming in the 1960’s, manual labor played a huge role. But, sometime later, the industrialist started acknowledging the fact, that sometimes manual labor is not the answer. There are far more efficient answers when it comes to internal proceedings of a facility. Conveyor Belts came in to the industrial scene in the 1960’s, and is still predominant now.

To actually generalize the application of conveyor belts, one would have to say that it moves heavy materials from one end of the factory to another end in a serial way. But, in the modern world, there is a lot more to it. Now, conveyors are also used in coordination with computers for manufacturing uses.

The idea of conveyor belts is pretty simple. It is a belt attached with a pulley system, which basically moves when the pulley moves. Though, nowadays it involves rotors and motors, since, the application is diverse. The belts which carries the items ae generally made of rubber. Nowadays, conveyor belts are everywhere, and they are used in warehouses, grocery stores, public transportation systems etc. In the days before conveyor belts were introduced in the industrial scenario, the labors who worked in the factory used to carry all the finished product or the raw material across the factory to their specific places. With the advent of conveyor belts, the raw materials and the finished product travelled to their places using the belts, thereby, letting the labors do their own work. In this article, we will discuss about the different industrial uses of conveyor belts.



Manufacturing Industry-: The widest usage of conveyor belts is in the manufacturing industry. Generally, what happens in a manufacturing industry is that there is a lot of things that needs to be moved here and there, for further processing, and hence, this is achieved through conveyor belts. For instance, in a car manufacturing plant, the main framework of the car is made somewhere else in the external part of the factory, while all the raw materials are assembled in an internal section, where the engine is being prepared through computer integration. This assembled parts are then transferred through a channel made of conveyor belts to the external part where the framework is built.
In fact, nowadays conveyor belts are so designed that, when the material is going through the channel, some of the work is done on the way, like the packaging of the item.

Heavy Industries-: Conveyor Belts are used in heavy industries for the primary reasons to move the raw materials and the heavy finished product from one place to the other. In the earlier days before the advent of conveyor belts, many workers used to get injured while moving raw materials, and conveyor belts has decreased this to a large extent.

Warehouses-: The finished products in the warehouses, needs to be delivered to the client location. And hence, conveyor belts help the products to be moved from and in to the warehouse.

Airports-: The bags and baggage are moved to and fro, off the security clearance to their actual owners through conveyor belts.

Shopping malls-: Security check in shopping malls uses conveyor belts to scan the items that customers are carrying in to the shopping mall.

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Are Conveyor Belts Useful?

With the increase in replacement of manual work by automatic machine methods, you may be curious initially about how conveyor belts would be of any good to the manufacturing and packaging in your business. The positive side news is that you don’t really have to worry, as there are a number of reasons as to why having a belt system could very likely improvise the standards of your operation!


This is possibly the most understandable advantage of using a conveyor belt – as they are fitted to carry out one automatic action repeatedly on a regular basis, they are highly reliable and can take away the much of the need for manual labour to perform low moderation duties, such as transportation of material from one place to another or relocating items into storage. There are varied kinds of belts accessible contingent on the job you need them for, and they are built to work at a persistent rate that you can leave to work alone without disturbance.


Reliability is a predefined factor when it comes to conveyor belts – as you’re leaving what could be a wide-scale transport operation to a machine, belts such as ours are assembled and upheld to be entirely independent, which means that they will be capable to manage the job you need them to finish with minimal supervision. This is a major selling point, as conveyor belts are often cleared by organisations looking to automate or agent certain processes without spending out on manual labour.




Few conveyor belts are built in such a manner so that they can carry and shift a tremendous amount and weight of yield and supplies on a day to day basis, which typically means that you’ll be capable of getting an automated system that will be able to carry and transfer your stock.


Even though it may in the initial times seem petrifying to think that you can share out part of your business’ operation to a self-sufficient machine, the fact of the matter is that once you take human labour out of the whole operation, you are in the direction of making things way safer and more reliable.

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