Reasons For Growing Your Beards

As a man, forget about the makeup and plastic surgical procedures to make you look better. You have more than enough and kind of natural makeup that will make you look hotter and handsome. Growing beards is the best thing that could ever happen to you as a man, especially once you realize how beardless men wish they could grow some.

However, what could send you to fuel your beard growth? Remember, growing beards have way weightier advantages that you should grab. For instance, here are some benefits that you’ll fully enjoy with a grown beard:

  • Natural filter

On a typical day, we encounter a lot of dirt, germs, and bacteria in our regular routines. Some of these harmful products are tiny that we cannot see. However, with beards, you sure have a perfect filter for anything that will try to access your body through the mouth or nostrils against your will. The main reason why you must always clean your beards daily is that they filter a lot of germs and dirt every day. So, between treating the germs inside the body and washing them down the sink, which one sounds better?

  • UV rays protection

That thick hair that covers your chin and cheeks protects you from a lot of harmful things, among them UV rays. Remember, continuous exposure to direct sunlight will likely lead to skin burns or even cancer when it gets worse. Well, for a bearded man, you are fortunate because thick beards can block up to 95% of UV rays from reaching your skin. Moreover, you’ll have a moist intact skin beneath there, one which people will see the day you’ll decide to shave. And anyway, who expects to shave beards apart from their funeral? Well, maybe a military service member will do.

  • Testament of wisdom

Since time immemorial, beards have been considered and seen as a sign of wisdom. You would seldom find an older person without beards. Also, beards don’t only show a sign of wisdom but power, status, style, and superiority too. For instance, how would you feel when you get seated in a boardroom with you as the only man having beards? First, it is incredible that you made it to such heights as a member of the dreaded beard gang. I bet you also treat strangers with beards cautiously.

  • Signature look

Lastly, we all need that signature look that gives us a sense of personal identity and distinctness. Well, that is precisely what growing beards do to you. Beards will not grow the same way in every man, and therefore, everyone who grows beards has a distinct look. If you also charm it up with a customized accessory such as a chain or hat, then there you will have a signature look that you can now own!

Other than health factors, if your profession allows you to keep beards like a man, then you should consider having that option, especially if you are a bachelor. Don’t you want to win all the girls in the neighborhood? Then get your beard and cologne game together and go get them!

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