Lettings Agents Share Top Landlord Advice

As a Leicester Landlord, you may often manage more than one property at once. Every landlord has a different reason for letting a property, whether it is short-term student allows, multiple property portfolios, or moving house – property management Leicester can provide you with flexible and bespoke landlord services.

Your Leicestershire lettings agency can not only reduce the stress of being a landlord but can also increase the return on your property investment. Being a landlord requires experience and knowledge; the task becomes more difficult if you lack either. Property management services are available for ad hoc support tasks or full-service landlord management.

Landlord Advice

Fully managed listings: Your Letting agents, Leicester, will carry out everything you need as a landlord to get up and running and earn a return. It starts with professional photography of your property, honestly capturing its natural beauty. Your listing is then posted across multiple property management forums to ensure it gets seen by the right people. Your estate agent will then arrange and manage the necessary viewings of the property.

After a successful tenant is found and checked, your letting agency will fully manage the property, gathering rent and communicating with the tenant on your behalf.

Here, find the tips that a landlord needs to know before renting their properties:

1. Seek advice

When you know your property is under a mortgage, you must seek help before renting that property. You will need permission from the lender. The lender will ask for Rent Indemnity and tenant agreement copies before they permit you.

2. Insurance

It would help if you had proper insurance covering your property well. Some standard coverages will not offer that. With a guarantee, your property is protected from various losses, including weather damage, fire, or theft. Besides, you can extend and cover things like malicious damage by tenants and unpaid rent.

3. Maintenance

When the landlord responds promptly in maintaining the property from the tenant, it becomes a healthy relationship. When in a well-maintained way, the tenant feels well. Besides, they make the property like their home and look after it. They also become a long-term tenant. If the tenants move out, new tenants will view that property how it is well-taken care of. It will, therefore, increase your chance of securing a new tenant fast in the marketing process.

4. Setting the right price

Some factors will affect your property pricing. That is why you find setting the best price is difficult for landlords. Some features that your property has mattered a lot. Also, you need to check on your maintenance services. When the amount becomes too low, you will lose some money. But when you also set high costs, few tenants will manage.

5. Health and Safety

It will be good to ensure that the Safety Rating confirms all your renting properties. It will vary on how you, the tenants, will apply even though you need advice to help you comply with these regulations effectively and correctly.

Lettings Agents Share Top Landlord Advice 1

6. Using an inventory

The quality of the list you have will either bring disputes or not. When you don’t carry out an inventory or detail insufficiently, there is no record of how the property was left during the last tenant’s departure. So, there will be a deposit dispute and a loss on your side.

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