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Researcher: Apps meant to spot skin cancer are inaccurate

Apps meant to spot skin cancer When a patient asked Laura Ferris, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, her opinion on smartphone apps that purport to distinguish between benign and malignant skin lesions, Ferris realized she’d never used one and decided to run images of melanomas through a few of the apps herself. …

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Shazam comes to Windows Phone 8

Shazam is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices, allowing users to discover new music while on the go. Not only do you get unlimited tags to identify any song in seconds, but also the ability to quickly buy that tune through XBox Music or Nokia Music (for Lumia smartphone owners), see the song lyrics, and read music reviews and …

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Six tablet apps for making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

tablet apps Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be daunting. Not only must you prepare tons of food—some of it you’ve rarely cooked before—you’ve also got to make sure that it’s all ready to hit the table at the same time. And you’ve got to keep all those plates spinning under the watchful eye of family members ready to remind you of …

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Best Apps for music lovers

Once phones became smarter and the hard drive capacity grew beyond holding just the OS, the MP3 player went into the dustbin in favor of a device that could do everything at once.  The iPhone or Android device from HTC and Samsung has some capability for music, but nothing like what the real music junkie craves from their music and …

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It’s official: IM app messages surpass SMSes

It’s official: IM app If you happen to have cross platform instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Nimbuzz or Kik installed on your phone, you will realise that your dependence on SMS has gone down a few notches in the past couple of years. What you have just realised is now official. For the first time ever, messaging using …

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