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Obsidian shows off Project Eternity art direction with new screenshot

Obsidian shows off Project Eternity art After having been funded for Project Eternity, developer Obsidian has been quietly working on the game. The company has released a new screenshot of the game that looks remarkably like some of the earlier concept art that the company had showcased during the Kickstarter campaign. Obsidian’s Art Director Rob Nessler posted the image on …

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Different Methods Of Education Over the Years

Education is a funny topic. There are so many different opinions. And so many people who think that their way is the only way. Or that their parents’ way was the only way. Or the only way is something that hasn’t happened yet because humanity is still learning as we go along. Most likely, though, the best answer is a …

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Learn Forex Currency Trading Online – Graduate With a Forex Degree

Forex trades, or foreign trade buying and selling, offers with trading in a distinct commodity market that allows a person to buy or sell currencies at totally different quote rates thru a 24 hour length. This might appear a bit overwhelming to a brand new investor to this market. With online venues, it has become almost a crucial to study …

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6 Preparation Must-Dos Before Your Dreaded College Exams

Image credit: Pixabay via Creative Commons Preparing for college exams is a skill in itself. Though it looks like a simple and straightforward task, college exam preparations actually necessitate ironclad discipline, effective time management, and the right educational tools and materials. With your career’s future on the line, it’s best to prepare properly to ace your college exams and have …

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Emotional Intelligence Is Affecting Your Work Performance

University of Maryland’s Online MBA Program A lot of people still focus on IQ when EI or emotional intelligence is just as important. It is necessary to develop both qualities when trying to pursue a better job – and a better future – because EI affects your work performance just as much as IQ. Even top online MBA programs are …

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