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Apple and the iWatch conundrum

Apple and the iWatch Ever since the sixth-generation iPod Nano, lots of people have thought that Apple making its own branded watch is not merely a smart potential move but simply a matter of time. No matter what some have recently argued, I doubt, however, that today’s Apple is hungry enough to create the fabled iWatch device. I’ve been covering …

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Apple seeks patent to eliminate lousy photos

Apple seeks patent Snapping bad pictures with your iPhone could become a problem of the past if a new Apple patent ever sees the light of day. Published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent application dubbed “Image Capturing Device Having Continuous Image Capture” envisions a process in which your smartphone camera captures and processes a sequence …

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Lumia 800 seen running Windows Phone 7.8

Lumia 800 With the imminent release of devices running Windows Phone 8, users of Microsoft’s current phone OS – Windows Phone 7 – are feeling left behind. Microsoft hopes to appease some Windows Phone 7 users with the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which will add many under-the-hood tweaks to the OS, along with giving the OS the same UI as …

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Samsung reportedly undecided about when and where launch Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has no doubt grown to be one of the most eagerly-expected smartphones of the year, as leaks associated to the tool simply preserve coming in. Now, a new leak emphasizes Samsung’s conundrum concerning the Galaxy S5’s announcement position and date. The leak comes from Cellular Evaluation’s Elder Murtazin, who was once the first to declare that …

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Samsung’s Design 3.0 strategy could prove decisive in the smartphone race

Samsung’s Design 3.0 strategy It seems redesigns are the flavour of the season. After many months in development, Apple showed off a revamped iOS 7 yesterday, and it takes the popular platform in a new direction – one which could endanger Android and Samsung’s comfortable position at the top of the market. Apple’s salvo means Samsung, the leader in the …

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