How to Find Jobs in London

London is a highly prosperous and bustling city, with numerous opportunities for job seekers in its diverse economy. London’s economy key drivers include financial institutions, insurance, legal services, media, tourism, and technology. London’s employment opportunities lie in manufacturing, construction, education, health, public administration, hospitality, wholesale, retail, real estate and information sectors.

Jobs in London offer attractive remuneration but are also highly competitive, due to many skilled and educated citizens. Finding a job in London is not the easiest thing to do but is greatly rewarding and here are some steps to get you started on your job search.

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Preparing an Outstanding CV

An outstanding CV is your starting point for any job search and largely shapes the recruiter’s perception towards you. One of the surest ways to craft an outstanding CV is by researching an organization to better understand its scope of operations and culture before writing your CV. With a highly competitive job market, your CV should market you well enough to land you an interview session. An ideal CV meets the following criteria:

  • Customised to the job
  • Highlights your key strengths
  • Showcases your writing skills
  • Creates credibility
  • Provides factual and accurate information
  • Provides reliable references

Sending Out Your CV

Once you have prepared your CV, don’t let it gather dust when you can make numerous customised CVs and send them to various employers. Remember, you can also walk into premises and deliver your CV in person. This is an effective method of landing jobs in businesses that experience high staff turnovers such as shops, cafes, bars and pubs.

Prepare for Interviews

Once you have submitted your CV, it is prudent to start preparing for interviews. Nowadays, it is easy to get information on what to expect from interviews on the internet. Interview preparation involves understanding the job description, establishing why you deserve the job, finding appropriate answers for common interview questions and preparing to ask the panel some questions.

Job Boards

Job boards play a crucial role In London’s recruitment process by helping the unemployed find jobs in London and connect them with employers. Joining a job board involves a simple registration process to join the platform and access jobs that match your qualifications or preferences. One of the UK’s top job boards, Zoek, offers thousands of vacancies in London to search apply from. You can easily personalise your job search results by filtering them based on experiences, skills, and qualifications.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies work closely with employers to find perfect candidates for advertised positions. They have a collection of quality CV’s, which they avail to employers to help them find the right matches to fill vacancies in their organisations. These agencies seek job seekers and employers a lot of time and money spent on conventional recruitment procedures. Zoek hosts hundreds of fresh opportunities in London from top recruitment agencies.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown in leaps and bounds to achieve a membership of over 600 million members. It is currently the largest professional network, with a massive potential for forming useful networks between coworkers, business clients and recruiters. LinkedIn also provides job seekers an opportunity to post content concerning their field of expertise that can boost their credibility to employers.

These guidelines will greatly empower any person seeking a job opportunity in London to position them favorably for the perfect opportunity. As you embark on your job search, remember to remain humble and be open to work in any sector before landing your dream job.

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